MBA in International Management

MBA programs in International Management are focused on the maintenance and development of an organization's production and market interests across national borders. The overarching goal of an international MBA is to provide managers with the necessary skills needed to effectively manage international organizations. Browse the list of International Management MBA programs located around the world and contact admissions officers directly by using the 'request information' function.
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The importance of International Management

In today’s economy, it is  increasingly necessary to understand the nature of international business as well as how to manage cross-cultural organizations. Due to globalization and technological advances, organizations are actively looking for candidates with the ability to manage relationships with suppliers and customers on an international level.

An MBA in International Management prepares candidates to effectively lead firms in a multinational business climate by developing the skills necessary to coordinate and expand business opportunities on a global scale. MBA graduates with an IM specialization offer unique value to companies expanding into international markets.

The main focus of an International Management MBA

The curriculum in International Management MBA covers topics such as international strategy, organizational behavior, sustainability and leadership. The program assists delegates in developing the analytical skills which will enable them to address current and future business needs.

Further specialization in business areas, like Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Crisis management, International business, etc., advances candidate’s knowledge in various concepts and theories. As such delegates become able to reflect upon different business areas and develop appropriate solutions that will enhance a firm’s growth.

Expanding your international network

An International Management MBA provides a great opportunity to boost an international network. Universities teaching an IM degree state that at least 30% of their student body is made up of international students . Candidates will have a chance to meet potential managers from companies operating in different industries.

Networking with classmates is a fundamental part of an IMBA as it enhances knowledge sharing and helps program participants to develop professionally. It also results in opportunities – students are building connections and long-term relationships, which will give them access to career advancement opportunities.

Choose studying method that fulfills your requirements

MBA programs in International Management are offered in various study plans and are taught online, part- and full-time. Full-time MBAs in IM normally last for 1-2 years and are the most suitable for candidates who solely want to focus on their studies. If a delegate does not want to pause  the career, a part-time or online program may be the right choice as it allows the candidate to continue working at their respective organizations.

MBA in International Management – exploring the benefits

MBA programs in International Management provide candidates with practical and in-depth knowledge of international business dynamics and relationships, sustainability and innovation, business strategies and operations. Candidates develop their analytical skills and gain the ability to solve the complex business tasks that concern global companies.

An IM MBA degree demonstrates a candidate’s ability to efficiently solve problems that arise in an uncertain and volatile international business environment. An MBA in International Management will increase your career opportunities and earning power – apply for the program today! 


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