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The General Management Master in Business Administration is considered to be the most popular MBA program, as it offers comprehensive insight into the core elements of business including accounting, management, finance and marketing. This program is designed for individuals wanting to focus on higher level management problems and supervising employees. Browse the list below of General Management MBA programs and request more information to receive a list of programs tailored to your specific needs.
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Does a GM MBA suit you?

While General Management MBA may vary between business schools, the overarching goal of the program is to provide students with the management skills and business knowledge needed to effectively operate organizations. The program is suitable for functional managers who want to move into general management or strategy development but lack fundamental skills in key business areas. Moreover, individuals looking to have a variety of career opportunities available to them upon graduation in different industry sectors or consultancy should consider pursuing a GM MBA.

General Management MBA – exploring the benefits

The main aim of a GM MBA program is prepare students for a managerial position in the many fields and industries of business by developing their competencies in leadership, risk management, problem solving and recruiting. The main focus during the studies may vary from program to program, but students should expect to learn about finance, leadership, marketing, operations and strategic management, accounting, and business ethics. This type of MBA involves rigorous training, a variety of assignments and group projects, which will equip you with the necessary abilities to deal with real-life business situations and develop business know-how to successfully run organizations.

Gaining crucial business knowledge

The General Management MBA program will provide delegates with valuable knowledge about business and all its related aspects. During the program students grasp an understanding of how particular operations like sales, finance, HR function and learn to think strategically – how to translate ideas into actions, perform long-term planning and manage daily operations. These are necessary business skills that are needed to become a top manager.

Developing leadership abilities

A very important focus of the General Management MBA is leadership. Program’s delegates will gain a set of skills that is needed to effectively appoint tasks and coordinate work of large number of employees. Besides, the General Management MBA program focuses on the aspects of team-building which assures the delivery of high performance.

Choose the most suitable studying method

MBA programs in General Management are offered in various study plans to fit a variety of schedules. Usually, it takes 2 years to complete degree but there are different training options available, such as accelerated one-year programs. Delegates can choose to study in a traditional full-time program or a part-time program which enables participants the continue working at the respective organizations. Additionally, delegates may find that a distance learning program could better fit their needs which allow individuals to obtain a GM MBA degree by attending online seminars.

General Management MBA program develops individual’s managerial and leadership skills that are valuable in the competitive global marketplace. By completing the program you will get the expertise necessary to becoming an executive. Join the ranks of higher-level managers – apply for an MBA degree in General Management.


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