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Business administration studies in Europe

The European landscape of business administration appeals to professionals who want to connect their career to the global market and improve their competitive profile with a prestigious academic degree. MBA programs offered by institutions located in Europe offer professional training suited to international markets and diversify the experience of their graduates with practical experience in the region. The cultural dynamics experienced throughout the MBA programs in Europe and the hands-on experience within the business climate specific to each European country offer immediate networking opportunities. Entrepreneurs and business executives choose collaborative MBA programs in Europe in order to diversify their experience and conquer new markets for their business. Select an MBA program in Europe and experience all the business markets and the cultural colors of the continent. Executive education and business administration programs in Europe offer the most competitive introduction to the global business market.
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The European vision

Big Ben by nightThe institutional dynamics specific to the business environment of Europe attract professionals who want to diversify their portfolio into new markets. The diverse cultural vision supported by homogeneous market policies across countries makes Europe the home place of international business.

With 42 countries out of which 27 are members of the European Union, Europe opens its grounds to international investors in all the growing industry branches. Business education in Europe benefits from a university system with long traditions in all the Western countries. Modern initiatives of training are reflected in MBA programs all over Europe that attract an increasing number of graduate students and executives.

The structure of MBA programs in Europe

MBA programs in Europe cover a broad spectrum of business administration sub-disciplines, from general management and finances, to corporate communications and health-care management. Many of the MBA programs offered by institutions in Europe are collaborative initiatives. Candidates may spend their entire MBA study in Europe or choose an international program that includes one or more semesters on other continents. Ambitious MBA students complement their study with training in the language of their host country.

The business education system in Europe is highly competitive. High academic merits and relevant practical experience are among the standard requirements for an MBA program in Europe. The core curriculum of an MBA program offers among others training in management, leadership skills, decision-making and intercultural competence for managers.

The tuition fees for an MBA program in Europe are lower than in the United States, due to European states' intervention and high education expenditure in most of the countries. Applicants to MBA programs in Europe experience the cultural diversity on all levels and benefit from practical insight in the work environement of their host country.

Executive education in Europe

Professionals with a long career in management choose Europe as destination for a new academic degree that will confirm their experience. Executive masters in business administration are also offered as part-time studies and online / distance learning, which allows the candidates to continue their career in parallel. Besides the cultural diversity of the environement, classrooms are perfect places for interaction between professionals in similar business branches. The networking prospects of an executive MBA in Europe look very promising. Testimonials confirm that academic preparation typically develops into long-term business partnerships.

It is also common for business experts to continue their MBA studies in Europe with a doctoral program in business administration (DBA). Prestigious academic institution thus confirm the candidate's innovative business solutions that can be immediately applied to the practical environment.


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