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Learn more about sorting search results uses an algorithm to generate relevant search results for our users. You can choose how the options are presented by using our various filters and sorting options.

When you use a sorting option, the MBA programs are ranked according to the criterion you have chosen, such as price or length of the course. When you use filters, the search results are limited to show only education programs that meet your chosen criteria, such as location or education category.

If you haven't chosen a specific sorting order, we use our own relevance algorithm to present the results. Our algorithm is designed to consider many different factors to provide the most relevant search results possible. In descending order, the ranking is primarily based on the following parameters:

Text relevance - To find the most relevant MBA programs for users, text relevance in relation to selected filters is the main factor we use to present the results. MBA programs that better match the set search filters are ranked higher. The order of the results is based on how well the name, description, and category of an education program match your selected filters or search terms.

Reviews - The order of search results is also influenced by the education program's reviews. Education programs with current and positive reviews tend to rank higher in search results.

Partnerships - To help everyone in the world find the right MBA program, we show results from both providers we have and those we do not have an active partnership with. Programs from providers we have an active partnership with tend to rank higher in search results. This ranking factor is binary and is not affected by the size of the partnership but only by whether there is an active partnership or not.


A course provider can influence the placement in search results by buying special ad placements. To distinguish these placements from other search results, we have marked them as "sponsored".

Our search algorithm can change over time

To be able to provide even more relevant search results for our users, our search algorithm can change over time. This page will be updated to reflect changes made to the algorithm.

Last updated: 2023-02-23

Last updated: 06 Mar 2023

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