The International MBA

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The IMBA, or International MBA, is a powerful business degree for experienced professionals. By taking a traditional MBA into the international sphere, graduates of International MBAs are equipped with the intercultural business and management skills that are prerequisite to success in today's globalized environment.  Browse IMBA programs below and get in touch with admissions officers directly by 'requesting information.'
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The International MBA

International MBA programs evolve with the ever changing needs of the competitive business environment. In the recent years, the international scope of management today and the need to understand the same within a global context has become crucial. The top business schools worldwide have long begun to design curriculums that address the specific requirements of international management. An International MBA program is designed for individuals who are looking to gain a broader understanding of world business issues, develop intercultural management skills, study abroad and hone linguistic and cultural fluency.

Benefits of an IMBA

Most IMBA graduates who have studied in business schools abroad find their global exposure to be one of the most important benefits of their study experience. Students and working professionals looking for the next leap in their career are now increasingly opting for IMBA from accredited business schools. The International MBA is helping students and professionals to become more effective participants in the world economy.

Career Skills for Internationally-Minded Professionals

International MBA programs prepare the candidates to compete and succeed at the international level. Apart from understanding core business disciplines and honing first rate problem solving and analytical skills, the International MBA student builds a solid foundation in global business concepts, gains confidence to work in a global setting with people from different cultures, learns different values and perspectives, and understands new business practices. These are some of the benefits of choosing to pursue an International MBA program. It also helps develop crucial real world business skills such as decision-making, leadership, effective communication, problem solving and networking.

An International MBA program is ideal for students and professionals who are interested in preparing themselves for a global career. The knowledge of cultural business practices gained during the study period holds the IMBA graduates in good stead and is an added advantage in one's career path. With increased globalization, developing an understanding of different cultures is important for business dealings. IMBA students receive a truly global learning experience, not just a global International MBA curriculum.

The IMBA Curriculum

Comprising the latest in leadership and management theory, practices and techniques in every aspect of business operations, an IMBA program prepares students for top positions in the corporate world as well as to start their own ventures. Students at business schools are guided by world-class faculty and industry thought leaders with extensive global industry experience and knowledge. With an IMBA, students are prepared for a wide range of career options, both in their home country and overseas.

There is a growing range of part-time, full-time and executive International MBA programs offered by top business schools around the world for students who are looking for a broader curriculum, exposure to varied cultures and a global network.


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