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Distance MBA / Online MBA Programs. MBAs have been one of the most sought after degrees in the Business sector for decades. Because of its applicability and best practice concentration, both companies and working professionals view the MBA as a priceless asset. Today, there are many different options of how to obtain an MBA. There are full-time programs, part-time programs, joint degree programs, and executive MBAs. Of all of these options the one that has been gaining in popularity recently is the Online MBA program. Find out more about Online MBA programs below!

We have also gathered a list of institutions that provide accredited Online MBA programs below. Request information to receive programs tailored to your personal requirements or needs, and an education organiser will contact you.
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Case studies within MBA

Watch this video presentation about the Warwick MBA by distance learning:

Daniel O'Hare wanted to stretch his business skills, having come from an arts background. He took the Warwick MBA by distance learning, and now works for DHL, developing strategic, global supply chain solutions.

He rated the network he built, and the ability to flex between distance learning and modular study.

More about Distance MBA / Online MBAs

What are Distance Learning / E-learning MBA Programs?online and distance learning MBA programs

Distance Learning or E-learning MBA programs, also known as electronic learning, or online learning refers to MBA programs that are web-based, or provide courses on a distance basis. This form of learning makes use of information and communications technology to provide innovative ways to learn. E-learning and online MBA programs typically use types of technology-enhanced learning (TEL), where technology is used in lieu of face-to-face, traditional classroom learning.

Benefits of Online MBA Programs

Online MBA programs have been increasing in popularity in recent years, which has vastly improved the quality of education. Additionally, technological advances allow students to receive interaction with professors and peers, while increasing the ease of receiving and submitting assignments.

Distance MBA programs allow individuals the ability to receive an MBA without uprooting families, moving to a new city, or giving up careers. As such, participants the have opportunity to advance their careers by obtaining an MBA, when it would otherwise be impossible to do so.

Other benefits include:

  1. Improved performance: students in online learning generally perform better than those in face-to-face courses.
  2. Increased access: students from across the world can engage in cross-cultural learning, which is less likely via traditional in-classroom courses.
  3. Convenience and flexibility to learners: e-learning is self-paced and the learning sessions are available whenever it's convenient. Delegates are not bound to a specific day or time to physically attend classes.

Specialized Online MBA Programs

Individuals seeking an online MBA should consider the variety of specializations and career outcomes upon MBA completion. The most popular areas of specialization include general management (standard MBA), marketing, finance, and accounting. It is important to give proper consideration to various specializations and how these specializations will best  fit your interests and allow you to reach your career goals. 

Distance learning MBA programs allow future leaders to obtain business and managerial skills without re-arranging their entire lives. By obtaining an MBA via online channels, participants can reach higher levels in their career and increase their lifelong earning potential.