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Distance MBAs in Entrepreneurship

MBA programs in Entrepreneurship provide students with the skills in innovation and business sense required to start and operate a successful business. With the flexibility of an online program, entrepreneurs receive the unique opportunity of completing their MBA while applying newfound knowledge to their own venture in real time.   Listed below is a selection of online MBA programs in entrepreneurship. For additional details and queries, simply 'request information' to get in touch with universities directly. 
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More about Online MBA programs in Entrepreneurship

Online MBAs in Entrepreneurship

Whether starting a business, looking to make the most of your own existing business or simply looking to get the best education to gain a promotion within a company, Online MBAs in entrepreneurship are an excellent tool for personal and business growth.  Online MBAs present a world of opportunities when it comes to flexibility and innovation – at no cost to the educational experience. As a subset of the online MBA in entrepreneurship, Executive MBAs in entrepreneurship are designed specifically for the experienced professional, tailored to the busy schedule of individuals working in management positions while completing their MBA.

Entrepreneurship is grounded in innovation and business sense. Accordingly, an MBA in entrepreneurship works to provide candidates with the tools to synthesize and apply creativity, business and strategy. Alongside the core aspects of the traditional MBA, such as finance, management and marketing, an MBA in entrepreneurship provides instruction which is tailored to a new business environment.

Distance Learning On the Rise

Distance learning programs are offered by many universities worldwide. From small, regional schools to top universities, the online MBA is on the rise. As top business schools in Europe and the United States have begun to adopt distance learning programs, online MBAs have become an accepted norm of education. Indiscriminately, the Financial Times has compiled a list of recognized online MBAs since 2009.

Ideal for the busy entrepreneur, an online MBA in entrepreneurship provides the freedom of studying from anywhere, anytime. With sophisticated online portals and live or recorded lessons, delegates study advanced courses, participate in group discussions, complete individual and group assignments and network entirely online. Further, the online environment transforms location in a non-issue. With internet access as the only variable, delegates are able to study top MBA programs from across the globe. Further, self-paced study options allow delegates to pursue an MBA without sacrifice to other commitments. Whether it be in the evening after work, on the weekends or in the early mornings, candidates can study at the times that suit them best.

Online MBAs for the Busy Entrepreneur

Choosing distance learning is often an excellent idea for those interested in entrepreneurship who wish to increase their career or business prospects as they study. With the flexibility to self-paced or part-time study, budding entrepreneurs are able to complete their MBA while gaining real business experience or while starting their own company. The benefits of starting your own company while embarking on an MBA in entrepreneurship are simply that you are able to use your own start-up as the basis of your projects and learning. With a real-life setting to practice your newfound skills and support and guidance from professors and your classmates, entrepreneurial MBA programs embody a practical, relevant design.  

Online MBA Formats

Candidates of online MBAs are able to choose from a variety of study methods, including full-time, part-time and modular programs which vary in length. A typical full time MBA is 24 months in duration, while some accelerated or fast-track programs can be completed in just 12 months. For individuals working while studying, part-time and modular programs range from 24 months to 5 years, depending on each candidate’s study pace and each university’s policies. More intensive executive MBAs can be spread across a number of years to allow time to build a career or business with focuses on specific areas of study.


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