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MBAs in General Management are a choice program business leaders, entrepreneurs and senior executives. In an online format, candidates receive all the perks of a traditional MBA, plus added benefits such as mobility, a flexible schedule and the possibility for customization. Your future begins now. Browse a list of online MBAs in general management below. 'Request information' to learn more and get in touch with universities directly. 
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More about Online MBAs in General Management

Distance MBAs in General Management 

General management skills are at the core of any great MBA program and are an ideal way for professional candidates to acquire new skills for use in the workplace. That being so, MBA programs with an emphasis in General Management are among the most popular, especially with consideration for the wide range of MBAs available today.

Online MBAs in general management are primarily aimed at delegates with a proven history of business and management. These online MBAs are commonly the next step for delegates who wish to further their career, however have little time to leave the home or office or perhaps live some distance from the business school of their choice. Distance learning MBA courses can be scheduled to fit around the lives of delegates, as is the case in modular MBA programs. By offering advantages such as flexibility and the customization of program curricula, distance learning MBAs are able provide each candidate with the appropriate education, ensuring maximum results.

Study from Anywhere, Anytime

Online postgraduate business studies in general management vary in price and duration, but all in all, can be taken from anywhere on the globe. However, as an exception some universities offer the opportunity for online MBA students to study some weeks out of the year on campus. MBAs can be expensive – and the small reduction in price for online MBAs can be a positive influence in the decision making factors. While many traditional MBAs can cost up to $100,000, some online MBAs are available for under $10,000, depending on the specific needs and criteria of each candidate. When it comes to duration, online MBAs are known for their flexibility. While some online MBAs are held full-time and operate to a schedule, it is more common that these programs are part-time or modular, allowing delegates to make their own schedules and in the case of the modular MBA, pace out their courses.

Business schools across the globe offer online MBAs in general management. These business studies programs are generally comprised of core modules dealing with management and leadership skills, with supplemental modules and case studies on advanced or niched topics such as finance, sustainability, innovation and more. While courses can vary from program to program, all general MBA programs are designed to instill in candidates the skills necessary diversify the work possibilities for every participant and advance their careers as leaders and managers. Without sacrifice to the MBA experience, these distance learning programs focusing on general management are delivered by enthusiastic lecturers with years of industry experience. Plus, delegates receive the added benefit and support of their classmates and future alumni network.  

Admissions Requirements

Due to the highly technical nature of an MBA in general management, such programs often require that candidates have an undergraduate degree, previous management experience and letters of recommendation from academic or professional sources. Contrary to popular thought, general management MBAs are structured to marry the strengths and weaknesses of each delegate, meaning that candidates of many different competencies and from a variety of backgrounds are welcome. 


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