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Nassim A. Ershaed

“The MBA educated me in management and leadership related issues, it gave me credentials to facilitate a career move as it expanded my career possibilities for the future by giving me the big picture and knowledge basis to apply toward a focused career path based on specialised skills. I was actually promoted to a Head of Department while studying for my MBA. Additionally and as an MSc In Information Systems graduate with 3 years' experience in the field of Information Technology, the MBA Program taught me to see the non-technical side of the business, which was extremely helpful in dealing with non-technical professionals. It provided me the solid business background and analytical skills so that I am more effective in my profession.

The MBA at Westminster acquainted me with individuals from other fields where the quality of my cohort members was extremely useful to me. Just the Interaction with other students was a great value to me, as I learned a lot from their various experience and background.

Finally, the case studies from all the subjects were relevant addressing contemporary business issues with a practical focus -from recession to the rising power of china- and delivered by an excellent staffs that are passionate about learning and educations.”


Leanne Shulman

“Having spent the past 15 years working for number of non-for–profit organisations, I decided it was time for me to get back to school and give a serious boost to my career. Studying at a university that was internationally accredited, multi-national and that offered a diverse environment was important to me.I wanted to develop an international network and to learn about and to experience different elements influencing the business world, and the University of Westminster, Westminster Business School offered all this and more.

Yes, the course is intense and challenging and it has been very rewarding stretching myself beyond what I ever thought would be possible, and essentially enriching not only my core strengths and professional development, but augmenting a sturdier career path.”


Omar Al Serhan

“Studying my MBA at the University of Westminster is offering me the prospect to grow as a person and as a skilled individual in the business world. An exceedingly inspiring intellectual environment and a first rate managerial tutoring, a truly enriching cultural mix in my part time MBA class and finally the school central location were the reasons that made me choose to study my MBA at WBS.”


Mercedes Alvarez Fojo

“I'm really enjoying the MBA, it is excellent. The MBA has given me options, has given me a vision, it is actually the best decision I have taken in many years. I give it 10 out of 10!”


Nigel Brinklow

“Every day, every week, I use the skills I developed whilst on the MBA in meetings; in planning; in thinking - it's part of my continual professional development and is seamless.”


Jose Crespo

“I could see a direct implementation of my HR/organisation/change management learning in my previous role and in my new role, the financial and accounting knowledge acquired on the MBA has been key to be able to perform my current responsibilities.”


Shajit Titus

“The Westminster Part-Time MBA is a rigorous academic programme in business administration that enables me to enhance my general management skills and to apply them at the workplace right from the start of the programme. Firstly, the programme offers a holistic exposure to how businesses can sustain and succeed in the midst of economic and competitive forces. Secondly, the programme builds the confidence and drive to position myself ahead in the game towards applying strategic thinking at work place to drive efficiency and effectiveness and to progress in a general management career.

The programme has helped me to open dialogues with senior management of my company on strategic value creation initiatives through the MBA project. I chose Westminster Business School because of its AMBA accreditation and its presence in London, a major business and financial centre in the international market.”


Seamus O'Shea

“The MBA provided an excellent opportunity to develop a strong network from a wide range of industries. The focus on networking was further enhanced through the MBA Tuesday evening club where guest speakers presented on current business issues. The strong focus on group course work enabled a diverse range of professional experiences to be shared and applied to the concepts and theories learned in lectures. This approach allowed me to develop the practical skills needed for business analysis whilst developing insightful solutions to the challenges faced by today’s organisations.”


Gordon Evans

“I chose Westminster because it is AMBA accredited, in a good location and is a well known place and name. It's giving me a grounded and complete view of business processes and opportunities.”

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