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Vanderbilt MBA

2 years
2 years
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Program description

Your potential. Our promise.

Vanderbilt MBA

The Vanderbilt MBA provides successful professionals a rigorous curriculum with exceptional preparation for the real business world.

The Vanderbilt MBA’s rigorous curriculum provides exceptional preparation for the real business world, with a strong core foundation in general management, specialized knowledge and skills for students’ chosen career paths, immersion-based learning, and a distinctive modular format that enables students to compete advantageously for summer internships.

If you are already a successful professional who wants the skills, the credentials, and the connections that will significantly further your career, then Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management is the place for you.

  • The Vanderbilt MBA program provides the curriculum and the guidance to supplement your résumé and skills for success in your Career Path.
  • Vanderbilt is recognized throughout the U.S. and around the world as a first-rate university; adding the Vanderbilt name to your résumé lets you share our strength.
  • Vanderbilt University gives you something else—a great place to be! Whether you stay for two years or a lifetime, Nashville offers a quality of life that is urbane and cosmopolitan yet friendly and affordable.
  • The Owen Graduate School of Management is a tightly knit community of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other business professionals. These groups interact freely and strive for the benefit of all.

In addition to increasing the size of a post-graduate pay check and lifetime earning potential, a Vanderbilt MBA offers advantages that can’t always be summed up in dollars and cents.

Application and Admission Requirements

The Vanderbilt MBA program is one of the world’s most selective - and one of the best. Admission to our full-time MBA program is highly competitive.

Vanderbilt seeks exceptionally talented and diverse groups of students who are willing and able to grow, prosper, and contribute in an environment that is academically rigorous, professionally rewarding, and personally enriching. Successful applicants have a steady record of significant achievement and outstanding potential for success in several major areas.

In evaluating candidates for admission, Vanderbilt considers the following factors:

  • Academic Aptitude & Interests
  • Experience & Goals
  • Personal Qualities & Potential

MBA Curriculum

The MBA program normally requires eight modules (mods) - the equivalent of four semesters - of full-time study. Normally, two years of residence are required. Participants in some joint programs may be exempt from this requirement, but all MBA candidates must be officially registered at Owen for a minimum of six modules (three semesters). All requirements must be completed within three years of initial enrollment.

The Vanderbilt MBA will shape your world

Incredible access to a global alumni network

As a Vanderbilt MBA student, you’ll have the Owen alumni network to tap into and intelligently leverage. Alumni graciously serve as door openers, advisors, and even mentors in helping you achieve your goals.

The Vanderbilt MBA will shape your world.

Teamwork. Presentations. Competition. Critical thinking. Constant challenge. Accountability. Networking. Leadership opportunities. Civic opportunities. Camaraderie. Friends for life. A Vanderbilt MBA gives you these experiences—and more.

Expenses / Tuition Fees

The following estimated student budget is considered sufficient to support a basic lifestyle for a single student. It does not include expenses for dependents, travel, vacations, or luxury items such as automobiles, household furniture, or appliances. A preferred higher standard of living, inflation, and emergencies may necessitate additional funds. The estimated total cost of education for the 2009-2010 academic year is US$65,664

Vanderbilt University: Owen Graduate School of Management
401 21st Avenue South
TN 37203 Nashville

Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management is a business school unlike others. Here you will discover a rigorous, market-focused program of study in a unique and intimate atmosphere that is supportive and collegial. When you attend Owen, we will know...

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