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France is consistently ranked among some of the most developed countries in Europe and the world in terms of education, healthcare, business, economy and government policies. Business education in France is highly acclaimed for its certification and opportunities for professional development. Request information to learn more about the programs.
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General Management MBAs in France

General management MBAs give a total view of the business functioning and strategy building for organizations with detailed focus on individual functions of the organizations. Universities in France offer MBA Programs in General Management for interested professionals and ambitious graduates.

France and its professional prospects

France enjoys a high standard of living and is one of the most prosperous countries in Europe, being one of the founders of United Nations. It hosts many multinational organizations and offshore branches of many acclaimed international organizations including Fortune 500 companies with headquarters of many multinational banking institutions. It proudly boasts being a member of many internationally recognized institutions such as Group of 7, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the World Trade Organization (WTO), and La Francophonie. It is also a leading member of the European Union (EU). France is known for its passion for art and culture and harboring some of the greatest museums in the world. The most flourishing economic sectors of French economy are business, finance, banking and insurance, tourism, energy (electric, nuclear), agriculture and tourism. Education in France is highly advanced and provides management education in many of its flagship offerings.

General management MBAs

General management MBAs cover important key topics that business and organizational functioning is built upon and gives a holistic view of the execution of corporate level strategies. In addition, it transfers skills in leadership, planning, management, heading and leading organizations. It covers duties and concepts of all levels of the organizational functioning. Some of the important concepts covered are finance (corporate and quantitative), management, business policy, marketing, production, information systems, business strategy and general management. A general management MBA instills skills in analytics, statistics, research, planning, strategy formulation, decision-making and leadership.

Training format of these programs

Typically these programs are two years in duration with year-end internships or research theses based on findings. Many universities in France provide general management MBAs in traditional classroom settings with periodic evaluations and tests. Many academic institutions even make these materials available online for busy professionals.

Benefits for professionals

General management MBAs are helpful in scoring jobs in the saturated job market. Professionals with these degrees can work as business consultants, financial advisers, analysts, marketers, general managers and insurance agents. Owing to the many multinational and acclaimed local companies and organizations operating in France, many professionals and ambitious graduates will find immense opportunities for setting up new ventures, getting exciting job opportunities or taking advantage of the immense corporate network in France. Certifications from universities in France can serve very useful for professionals and graduates looking to further their careers or carve a new one in their respective fields.


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