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Program summary
19 months
Washington D.C

Program description

Global MBAThe GW Global MBA program faculty believes being a great business leader isn’t just about knowledge; it’s about character. The GW Global MBA program builds both. You’ll be proficient in the fundamentals of business, as well as doing what is right. This is a program immersed in values, rigorous in theory, and experiential in practice.

Act Responsibly, Lead Passionately, Think Globally

During the first year, you will work in a cohort to complete a bold core curriculum, divided into four modules, and providing dynamic experience in our core values of ethics, leadership, globalization and teamwork. You will venture abroad to work with a company on a real-world project. During the second year, you will enjoy a fully flexible program of study to follow your area of interest with 12 elective opportunities chosen to complement your professional and career goals.

Application and Admission Requirements

Admission to the GW Global MBA is highly competitive. Each year, approximately 100 out of 800 applicants are selected for enrollment in the Global MBA Program at GW. The Admissions Committee bases decisions on an applicant’s

  • work experience
  • academic preparation and performance
  • strength of recommendations
  • scores on the GMAT
  • the applicant's essays
  • the admissions interview.

Academic Program

Global MBA: Year 1

The GW Global MBA is comprised of 57 credit hours delivered in modular format. Its first year core curriculum centers on our values of ethics, leadership, globalization and teamwork. These values form the cornerstone of the program and are integrated throughout the curriculum. Module I centers on the program values and includes courses such as Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, Leadership and Organizations, and Global Perspectives. Module II and III emphasize tools for business analysis with courses on Micro and Macro for the Global Economy, Data Analysis and Decisions, Financial and Managerial Accounting, and Financial Markets. Module IV is heavy with international coverage with courses in International Management including an International Practicum and Residency.

Cohort Experience

In the first-year, the core curriculum is completed within an active and integrated cohort of 45 classmates. Students develop first-hand experience in communicating and studying as a group, crucial skills for professionals today. Within the cohorts, students are formed into five- and six-member teams, which are designed to strengthen the overall MBA experience by meshing people of different ages, genders, professional backgrounds, and cultures.

Global MBA: Year 2

The second year curriculum consists of electives and our capstone courses in entrepreneurship and business strategy. Both courses have intramural case-based competitions which provide for integration of the core knowledge and strategic analysis. Students can customize their programs by choosing 12 elective courses from over 17 different knowledge clusters. The customization and personalization of the curriculum allows students to adjust the pace of study such that the program can be finished in 16 months, 19 months or 21 months.

Expenses / Tuition Fees

Global MBA students are charged $1,208 per credit hour for tuition for the 2009-2010 academic year. The Student Association fee is $1 per credit hour, to a maximum of $15 per semester. The Global MBA program is comprised of 57 credit hours.

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