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Global Management MBAs in the USA

The United States of America is home to the best business schools in the world. An MBA in International Management from an American business school uniquely provides candidates with a business education that is truly international, multicultural and relevant.  Advance your business career with an MBA in International Management from the United States - browse a list of top programs below and 'request information' to contact admissions officers directly.
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The United States and MBAs in International Management

The United States is effectively home to the best business schools in the world. As a leader in business education, the United States alone claims the best and the brightest business schools worldwide. Among these business programs is the coveted MBA in International Management, where candidates can learn from experts in the field and network with working professionals from across the world.

The USA has consistently been the number one destination for MBA students and working professionals in pursuit of a higher education in business. The country's top business schools offer some of the best faculties in the world alongside state-of-the-art facilities to help business executives take their careers to the next stage. Enrollment in an MBA in International Management from one of these schools will allow executives to take their business to the global stage and ensure greater success in their careers, regardless of the industry they work in.

About MBAs in International Management in the USA

An MBA in International Management or Global Management typically provides participants with specialist knowledge in the field of international business management. Programs offered by American business schools typically contain modules on International Accounting and Finance, International Business Economics, Leadership and Organisations, Information Systems, International HR Management, International Marketing and Strategy, Operations Management as core courses. Additional electives can include International Business Analysis, Corporate Social Responsibility, Cooperative Strategy, Global Financial Markets, Investment Management and other specialist subjects to suit the requirements of students.

American MBAs may be in the format of classroom programs that require participants to attend classes on a full-time or part-time basis. Alternatively, online MBA programs are also made available by accredited universities and distance learning schools. The programs offered by these schools will typically involve live webinars, case studies, assigned tutors, group work via online seminars and plenary sessions that participants may attend to network with industry professionals, fellow students and academic staff.

Benefits of an MBA in International Management in the USA

An MBA in International Management will provide special knowledge on international business and value-based global leadership. The best programs in the USA offer an international experience to students, with a collaborative and holistic environment, cultural diversity and international visiting faculties. International Management MBA graduates can expect to be able to understand management in an international context, be better able to analyze and understand the basics of business and management while participating in global business and be equipped to address complex business problems in a global context.

Businesses have grown in complexity and scope today and they need well-educated, skilled, ethical and creative workers who have a global outlook. An International Management MBA in the USA is an investment made for the future of business in an increasingly global world. Participants can take use their knowledge to expand their global networks, take their global business towards sustained success and achieve professional growth at a personal level.


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