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Global Partners MBA Program

Coppead Graduate School of Business
Program summary
14 months
Atlanta, Paris, Rio de Janeiro

Program description

Coppead Global Partners MBA Paris. Atlanta. Rio de Janeiro

The Global Partners MBA program is an internationally renowned Global MBA program immersing you in the global business world. This full-time international MBA is delivered in partnership with the Robinson School of Business of Georgia State University, U.S.A., and the IAE - Institut d'Administration d'Entreprises of Sorbonne University, France, with classes in the U.S.A., France, Brazil and China.

Internationally renowned research and top-ranked faculty from all three institutions collaborate to deliver a rigorous and integrated program. In each location, students visit companies, government agencies, and other organizations, bridging the classroom and the world of business.

Program highilghts

  • Four-continent experience - Students will be in residency in Atlanta, Paris and Rio de Janeiro and will spend two weeks in China.
  • Courses are integrated across the partner schools, providing students with a true global perspective.
  • Sustainable Leadership & Commercial Diplomacy - Students will examine the interplay between the public and private sector. Students will develop an in-depth understanding of the regulatory environment and legal issues as they compare and contrast across four countries and four trading blocks.
  • Short week in Washington, D.C. - This includes working visits to the Department of Commerce. Other international agencies, such as the WTO and the EU Directorate, also are part of the program.
  • Internship/Field Study -The internship/field study takes place at the end of the program for approximately 16 weeks. It is the culmination of the classroom and experiences applied in a live situation.
  • Students will have the option of obtaining a functional certificate through the selection of additional electives, thereby demonstrating a depth of knowledge in a particular discipline. This option is in addition to the 14-month program.

Application and Admission Requirements


  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent
  • Proficiency in a second language
  • Two-three years' work experience preferred
  • Graduate Masters Admission Test (GMAT)
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Essays

Degree and diploma etc.

Graduates receive:

  • Certificate from COPPEAD. COPPEAD is EQUIS-accredited.
  • Robinson College of Business MBA degree. Robinson is AACSB-accredited.
  • Master's degree from IAE.

Leadership Theme

Great management gets things done; superior leadership makes things possible.

Executive leadership is a theme of the Global MBA program. Beginning at the initial orientation and continuing throughout the entire program, participants encounter the latest leadership principles and practices -- an area where Coppead also excels. But that's only one aspect of Coppead leadership.

Every member of the program will come face-to-face with CEOs and other executives of Fortune 500/Global Fortune companies, well-known and successful entrepreneurs, and high-ranking government leaders. The program's frequent and regularly scheduled leadership luncheons and evening leadership events assure that for everyone. Program members see and hear the strategies, tools and techniques of these executives, gaining unique and valuable knowledge and insight into best practices in the process. What do they think it takes to be an effective leader? Our Global MBA candidates have the opportunity to ask these leaders directly.

Today's leaders must also be skilled in global issues affecting business and commerce. For that reason, commercial diplomacy is an essential feature of the Global MBA leadership theme.

If you are thinking about joining the program, perhaps you already have global leadership aspirations. That's a start. Once in the program, you will have the opportunity to assess your personal strengths, create a leadership development plan, dramatically grow your skills and insights, and instill in yourself a keen ability for performance under pressure.

Commercial Diplomacy

When a company's economic engines are churning at high speed, there is often a strong push within the enterprise to open new markets, expand foreign trade and build international sales. All are understandably high priorities for the firm's executives. Yet, the lessons of global business reveal that these engines of commerce actually run at dramatically different speeds from country to country.

The companies of some nations are highly tuned and operating at maximum output. Often these nations are also the ones that welcome foreign investment and are eager to participate in global trade. Yet some countries want only their national firms to trade successfully throughout the world, so they erect barriers thwarting reciprocal trade. Still other countries are just beginning to gain momentum for commerce, even though the economic potential of enterprises in the region is very high. Add to each of these situations the vast array of local customs, cultures, policies and regulations in effect in the countries, and it is quickly evident that in reality, business practices vary dramatically from market to market.

At the heart of efforts to build business in these global settings is commercial diplomacy -- the creation and enhancement of commercial relations between companies, or their representatives, and the governments, policy-making bodies, regulators, and political agencies in established or developing global markets. Achieving global success today depends on the skillful interaction of leaders who seek to forge effective and beneficial bilateral commerce relationships.

Expenses / Tuition Fees

The Global Partners MBA program fee is $55,000.

Program fees cover:

  • Tuition and fees
  • Required books and materials
  • Roundtrip airfare to Washington, D.C.; Brazil; France; Brussels (train); and China
  • Accommodations in Washington, D.C.; Brussels; and China

About school

Coppead Graduate School of Business

UFRJ - The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

The COPPEAD Graduate School of Business is committed to excellence in its graduate business teaching and research. As part of a public university we aim to contribute to the development of Brazil by providing education to present and future business...

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Contact info

Coppead Graduate School of Business

355 Rua Pascoal Lemme
21941-918 Fundão, Rio de Janeiro

Phone no: (55-21) 2598-9898

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