International Management MBA Programs in Barcelona

Complete your International Management MBA program in the energetic and creative city of Barcelona. MBA programs in International Management equip managers with the needed skills to manage international organizations. As a global city which has weathered a tough economy and prevailed with Spain’s top GDP, Barcelona is an ideal city to study your IM MBA. Browse the list of International Management MBA programs in Barcelona and establish contact with admissions officers directly by requesting information from programs that look interesting to you.
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Why should I study my International Management MBA in Barcelona?

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and leading city of employment. It is an ideal fit to pivot you into your career as a manager in an international organization. Barcelona is a global city and will give your MBA an international applicability beyond Spain.

As technology and globalization push organizations past borders and cultural differences, it is more and more necessary to comprehend the nature of international business as well as how to lead profits in cross-cultural organizations. Organizations are actively searching for candidates with the qualifications to manage relationships with suppliers and customers on an international level.

MBA graduates with an IM specialization offer unique value to companies expanding into international markets. An MBA in International Management equips candidates to effectively lead firms in a multinational business climate by developing the skills necessary to coordinate and expand business opportunities on a global scale.

Networking in an International Environment

An International Management MBA provides a great opportunity to boost an international network. Universities offering an IM degree state that at least 30% of their student body is made up of international students . This means that in addition to your Spanish classmates, you will the opportunity to meet potential managers from companies operating in different industries.

Barcelona has a vibrant economy and your program will have access to insight from skilled professionals. Its leading industries are chemical, pharmaceutical, textiles, automotive, electronic, logistics, publishing, telecommunications and IT services. Tourism is a strong industry in Barcelona as well and the city ranks among the top tourist spots in the world. A number of local and foreign flagship companies have become highly successful.

Networking with classmates is a fundamental part of an IMBA as it enhances knowledge sharing and helps program participants to develop professionally. It also results in opportunities – students are building connections and long-term relationships, which will give them access to career advancement opportunities.

Explore the Advantages of an MBA in International Management

MBA programs in International Management provide candidates with practical and in-depth knowledge of international business dynamics and relationships, sustainability and innovation, business strategies and operations. Candidates foster their analytical skills and learn how to solve the business complexities that concern global companies. An IM MBA degree demonstrates a candidate’s ability to efficiently solve problems that arise in an uncertain and volatile international business environment.

Enjoy Barcelona’s Creative and Energetic  International Culture

Barcelona's streets will wind you past medieval Gothic towers, Art Nouveau sculptures, and the latest in Avante Garde architecture. Barcelona prides itself on being at the cutting edge of art and architecture and your walk to your International Management MBA classes may well lead you past one of the nine world heritage sites in the city.

When you're not attending courses for your IM MBA, you can enjoy one of the top nightlife cities in the world. Begin at a tapas bar and get your fill of delicious meats, olives, and wine. Then venture to a club with classmates or new-found friends from Barcelona. You may be kept out later than planned as many of Barcelona's clubs stay open well past daybreak. Each barrio (neighborhood) has a different vibe so you can hop a bus or taxi to the nightlife neighborhood that suits you. Begin your journey now by requesting information and establishing contact with administrators of programs that interest you!


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