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The United Kingdom is both an international economic power and a center for international and European business. MBAs in international management in the UK prepare business professionals for high-level careers in international business with a practical business education in strategy and management. View a collection of MBA programs with a specialization in international management in the UK below. Simply 'request information' to contact admissions officers directly. 
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Business, the UK and MBAs in International Management

At the forefront of global trade and international investment, the UK is the perfect environment to host, inspire and develop MBAs. There is effectively no other place worldwide that is better-equipped than the UK to offer students a wide range of MBAs in International Management that are delivered by leading, globally recognized and sought-after business schools and universities.

Driven, high-reaching business managers would be well-suited to call upon the expertise and experience of the world-renowned business leader who lecture at prestigious UK-based business schools. Further, the UK economy is placed as the sixth largest globally, and its capital, London, has been dubbed best financial capital in the world, increasing the relevance of studying business in the UK.

MBAs in International Management are the benchmark professional qualifications in the field of management. These are rigorous programs for the career-oriented students that acknowledge strategic thinking, resourcefulness and sagacity. This qualification grants a competitive edge and a career boost, with graduates gaining access to a wide range of positions in business disciplines and industries galore, not only in the UK, but across the globe.

Learning in an MBA in International Management

These International Management MBAs in the UK develop students' ability to carry out independent business analysis, enabling them to frame individual solutions to many of today's complex business issues. Self-discipline, analysis, reflection and leadership are essentials skills of students pursuing this qualification, and the program works to improve them. It also enhances strategic thinking abilities and understanding of change in a business environment.

Types of MBAs in International Management

MBAs in International Management can be extremely versatile and flexible, to fit the bustling, restless lifestyle of their students living in the UK or elsewhere. They are designed to allow students to build upon their learning while also tending to their personal and professional commitments. They usually include a range of elective modules, so that students' pathways to attaining an international perspective are eclectic and engaging. As such, MBAs in International Management can be offered in full-time, part-time, distance or online format. Online learning usually involves a few days of residential school in the UK and extends over a longer period than the full-time alternative. As opposed to other postgraduate courses, such as business MScs and MAs, MBAs in International Management are designed to deliver candidates for high-profile positions of all types, not just specific niches within organizations. They require UK or international management experience and high levels of literacy and numeracy, and they produce students who are ready to fill a managerial position in whatever setting.

Benefits & Opportunities

MBAs in International Management are designed to provide students with specialist insight into international business. They are developed by academics who are enrolled in some of the most reputable associations, boards and management schools, and are therefore tailored to the business students of today.

They promise to expand the student's global network by enabling access to businesses and businessmen from across the globe. They don't set out to increase the earning power of the participant, but inevitably lead to higher pay, as candidates aspire to better paid positions. MBAs in International Management offer unlimited opportunities for a mobile international career by developing the student's mindset in line with current international business prospects. Perhaps most importantly, MBAs in International Management allow the student to climb the corporate ladder, reaching heights that would be inaccessible to most postgraduate degree holders. MBAs in International Management are passports to top industry echelons, and the UK is the ideal setting for students to undergo the most intense and rewarding learning journey they will ever be required to take to improve their career prospects.


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