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Economics is an important aspect of business and is grounded in nearly every managerial decision. MBA programs with a specialization in economics will concentrate on understanding how financial and market trends affect organizational decisions such as pricing, operations management and strategy. MBA programs in economics will allow individuals to learn about how economic theory is applied in a practical context and how it subsequently affects the organizational decision-making process. Armed with the knowledge of economics and management, students with an MBA degree in economics will find a variety of careers available to them in the business world. Please observe the list of top MBA programs that offer a specialization in economics below. Request more information to receive a list of MBA programs and specializations tailored to your specific needs.
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More about Economics MBA program

MBA in economicsIn order to be a successful manager, individuals must have an understanding of how economics and market trends affect their business decisions. These broad movements in the economy determine everything from pricing strategies to investment returns and human resource activities. MBA programs with a specialization in economics are the perfect fit for students who want a broad business education that an MBA program provides them, while specializing in economics as it applies to the business world.

Globalization and the interconnectedness of global economies mean that economic policy and trade are of increasing importance to businesses. Individuals who are knowledgeable in the area of economic policy offer significant value to organizations both domestic and international. MBA programs with a concentration in economics will address how the interactions of producers and consumers in markets affect efficiency and quality, as well as how international economic policy influences managerial decisions.

Economic MBA Curriculum

The curriculum for an MBA in economics can concentrate on areas such as analyzing business markets, econometrics, applied microeconomics and macroeconomics, and the business implications of economic policy. Coursework will also encompass foundational elements and best practice in of accounting, marketing and management.

Study Plans & Schedules

There are many different study plans for individuals looking for a MBA program in economics. Full-time MBA programs are considered the traditional in-classroom program, where students attend on-campus lectures on a regular basis. Part-time MBA programs can either be delivered in classroom or as a distance learning program. Distance learning programs are becoming a popular option, as they allow students to continue working or receive an MBA degree from a school outside of their city of residence.

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