Innovation Management MBA

Innovation management often refers to a management system that is primarily dedicated to work within an organization’s innovation processes. It refers to both product and organizational internal innovation processes. It also refers to both product and organizational innovation. Courses in Innovation Management enable delegates to use a set of tools and techniques to cooperate with organizations’ processes and goals with a common understanding. Innovation is a key tool in today's business world as to how well a business is doing or will do, are determined by their innovations in new products and services for new markets. The proven management tools, techniques and clichés are rapidly being challenged as new set of rules and methods are emerging, making it essential for organizations to adopt an effective innovation management system to stay ahead of the competition. Therefore, professionals in the field of Innovation Management are highly valued and have a growing demand in the job markets as well. A number of academic institutions and training academies offer professional MBA courses on Innovation Management to aid the professionals pursue their desired career. The courses usually take the form of traditional classroom settings but recently, online MBA courses have been introduced as well to aid professionals who seek more flexibility in terms of time and cost.
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Innovation Management and Essentials

Innovation Management courses aim to equip participants with enhanced understanding and knowledge of various aspects of innovation management. The MBA courses cover processes and tools that aid participants to work cooperatively with researchers, engineers, and professionals in other creative occupations in a productive manner, fostering company-wide creativity while driving innovative thinking.

The courses teach a rigorous and analytical process aimed towards structuring the work in innovation. Participants are taught essential topics, concepts, and skills that are also introduced to innovation projects. The courses introduce the participants with critical elements of designing and developing innovative products and services. These elements include the pivotal roles played by experimentation, prototyping, and learning; product/service development process design and improvement; the understanding and integration of customer needs; development strategy and project management; and the powerful challenge of designing and managing development networks. Current management practices, tools and frameworks are discussed as well as those which were deployed recently. The topics covered by such MBA programs typically include the importance of experimentation, learning and prototyping, different ways of experimentation; playing key roles in the development and improvement of products and services, processes, and systems; design and management of development systems to maximize learning, integrating customers and new technologies into product development processes; designing, building, and managing development networks and communities of innovators, etc.

Training Format

These programs will be particularly beneficial to individuals looking to sharpen their skills and knowledge in order to seek new opportunities in the market. The courses are typically offered in a traditional classroom setting where advanced concepts and theories are discussed and practical issues are introduced and explained by an experienced trainer. Online MBAs in innovation management are also very popular owing to the fact they give flexibility in terms of attendance and revision of course materials.

Program content

One of the main components of these MBA programs are that they instill a ‘how to’ factor in the curriculum as well as the technicalities of creating something. Most of the concepts covered in these programs include an element of engineering combined with managerial and decision making essentials for developing products. MBAs in innovation management also caters to the market needs assessment and evaluation of the same. Case studies for introducing and developing products as well as launching them into the market are studies.

Career Prospects

After completing such MBA programs with a concentration in Innovation Management, participants get jobs in a diverse range of industries owing to the need of novelty and invention across different, especially in the research and development sector of various agencies.  Other common sectors of working include Companies, Engineering Companies, Business Development Organizations, Marketing Organizations, Healthcare Product Companies, Manufacturing, etc.


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