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Today, global organizations demand professionals with broad knowledge in international management. Professionals must be able to apply their skills, experience and analytical thinking to different markets to ensure the organization’s growth. Get the insight into cross-cultural business, increase your worldwide network and advance your career opportunities - Browse the list of International Management programs and contact admissions officers directly by using the 'request information' function.
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Why are firms looking for candidates with a degree in International Management?

Competition between organizations in different industries has become more intense than ever due to rapid globalization and an increased number of firms operating on an international level. This has resulted in a high demand for candidates with extensive knowledge in international business. Companies seek out professionals who have the ability to identify ethical issues, address the challenges of competing in a volatile and unfamiliar environment and manage complex business processes.

A degree in International Management provides students with solid practical knowledge of international business relationships and best management practices in such topics as strategy, entrepreneurship and sustainability. Graduates holding a degree in IM make outstanding candidates for a top position in an international firm.

How an International Management degree benefits a career?

Upon completing the program, participants gain competitive skills that will advance their careers. A degree in IM broadens students’ career opportunities, giving them the possibility to find a job in a variety of industries including banking and the public sector. Delegates without previous knowledge in business will now be able to move up in the organizations taking managerial positions.

Topics covered in the International Management program

The most important business areas that are taught in the program are sustainability, innovation management and globalization. During the program, students will enhance the ability of strategic thinking and an understanding of the fundamentals of firms and various businesses. Candidates will also develop their competences in undertaking business analysis to solve complex organizational issues. These are crucial skills that advance a student’s ability to manage challenges that global firms struggle with.

The program assists students in applying the core management subjects in global context. Candidates also gain access to a wide range of elective subjects that will enhance candidates’ knowledge in different topics of international management. This develops thorough expertise in managing complex business processes and promoting innovative processes within an organization.

Leading an organization’s development

Programs in IM actively focus on improving candidates’ capabilities to identify, analyze and address the challenges of global environment. Students will constantly work in teams on developing strategies that lead to an organizational growth. Delegates will learn how to effectively manage team-work and various projects simultaneously improving their self-discipline, communication and leadership skills.

Choosing the most suitable studying method

To fit the needs of different candidates programs in International Management vary between full-, part-time and online. Students can choose to pursue full- time program that usually takes 1-2 years, while part time programs range from 2-4 years. Distance and online programs offer a more flexible schedule and give the opportunity to combine work and personal life allowing delegates to seek their international career during the studies.

A degree in International Management gives an employer a clear idea that a candidate has the ability to think strategically and develop effective and innovative solutions to deal with complex business issues. Gain necessary professional competences that will extend your career opportunities – apply for the degree in International Management. 


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