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Hitotsubashi University - Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy

Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy

(Hitotsubashi ICS)

Business Education that builds bridges across cultures

Seed your ideas in the best of two worlds, combining the advantages of opposites and embracing diversity at Hitotsubashi ICS.

  • Local & Global -A campus located in Tokyo, a city at the heart of cultural convergence, with a global network of academic and industry partners
  • Theory & Practice -Academic insight combined with practical study imparts an accurate picture of the business reality
  • East & West -Concepts and methodologies drawn from across continents help candidates develop a universal management model
  • Competition & Cooperation -Specially-designed in-class and extracurricular activities foster teamwork and fair play, as well as birth competitive ideas with practical relevance
  • Business & Society -a curriculum that instills corporate social responsibility seeks to resolve the conflict between business interests and social demands
  • Small & Large- a small class-size and a focused executive education curriculum exposed to a large pool of opportunities

A World-class MBA Curriculum

The business administration programs at Hitotsubashi ICS’s campus, located in central Tokyo, are taught entirely in English. Hitotsubashi ICS is part of one of the oldest and most distinguished universities in Japan, whose ever-expanding network of academic and corporate partners covers all continents.

Hitotsubashi ICS’s outstanding faculty of top academics and business practitioners mentor MBA candidates throughout their studies and expose them to a broad mix of business cultures, opening up graduates’ careers to endless global business opportunities.

The distinctive culture and learning environment at Hitotsubashi ICS combines hard work with lots of fun, as well as competition with cooperation. In their one or two years at ICS, MBA candidates not only develop their business networks but gain friends for life.

Study business administraion in English at Japan's Top Business School

Hitotsubashi ICS offers two MBA programs for highly competitive applicants from all over the world:

  • 1-Year MBA- an intensive curriculum covering international management and business administration
  • 2-Year MBA- a flexible curriculum that also gives candidates the opportunity to enroll in exchange programs with partner universities and undertake internships

Excellent career prospects and a worldwide alumni network

For ICS MBA graduates, career choices are wide and varied as a result of their rich business expertise being highly valued in all industry sectors. The strategic thinking, global innovativeness and social responsibility cultivated throughout their studies become invaluable tools for progressing graduates’ professional business agendas.

Hitotsubashi ICS alumni are ambitious, success-oriented individuals whose MBA experience inspires them to launch new projects in new markets, employing fresh entrepreneurial thinking to expand their horizons.

The Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM)

            - ICS is a member of the group made up of the world’s top 27 business schools

Global Network for Advanced Management

The GNAM alliance brings together business schools from Asia, the Middle East and Africa, as well as North America and Europe. Only one business school per country can join GNAM, and ICS, one of the founding schools of GNAM, represents Japan.

One of GNAM’s key initiatives is Global Network Week, in which GNAM business schools around the world hold an intensive one-week course in the same week, with students of every member school being able to participate in any of the other schools’ Global Network Week activities.  During this week, students are able to accelerate their learning through field visits, discussion with executives, and intensive class discussions at other network schools. This is a wonderful learning opportunity for students.

The BEST Business School Alliance with Peking University and Seoul National University

ICS Hitotsubashi - BEST Alliance

Hitotsubashi ICS has established an international partnership with China’s Peking University and South Korea’s Seoul National University, dedicated to excellence in Business Administration Studies. The goal of the BEST Alliance with BEijing, Seoul and Tokyo respectively, is to facilitate inter-school collaborative research and educational cooperation.

The partnership features joint educational collaboration in degree and non-degree programs and opportunities to produce cutting-edge, world-class research in business and management. Activities include student exchange programs, dual degree programs, study tours of partner schools, faculty and staff exchanges, and research collaboration through joint research activities and publications, as well as an annual joint research symposium.

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Strategy Length Price Location Reviews
1-Year MBA Program 1 year 535,800 JPY Tokyo
5.0 (2)
2-Year MBA Program 2 years 1,071,600 JPY Tokyo
5.0 (1)

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Hitotsubashi ICS

2-1-2 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku
101-8439 Tokyo

MBA Reviews by students

Tendulkar Vinayak
Japan is one of the most dynamic economics in the world and is playing a leading role in Asia’s emergence as economic powerhouse. Many of Anglo-Saxon management concepts based on Individualism or shareholder capitalism are not completely applicable in Asian countries such as Japan and its important to study such different perspectives of Managem...
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Timothy Stutt
Prior to my MBA, I had never been to Japan before (and spoke no Japanese whatsoever!). However, I'd always been interested in going to Japan and experiencing the hustle and bustle of Tokyo - the neon lights, the huge crowds, the quirky fashions, all-night karaoke sessions and Japanese-style izakaya drinking. Coming from Australia, I was also cog...
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Ellis Chiu
Most of the time, people consider MBA degree as a “passport” to the next level of their current job or to change to new career; but to me, I rather see it as a way to improve myself, so that I can be more valuable to the society. I was born and raised in Hong Kong; so, since childhood, I have been exposed to a mixed cultural environment with...
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