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A degree in Finance is a popular and rewarding choice due to a vast learning environment and impressive career opportunities within various industry sectors. Programs cover a wide range of financial topics such as investment management, corporate finance and commercial banking. Discover how financial markets function, develop strong analytical skills and enter a filed full of earning potential - Browse the list of Finance programs below and contact admissions officers directly by using the 'request information' function.
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What is a degree in Finance?

Finance should be distinguished from general accounting. Accountants work with budgets and taxes, evaluate and measure financial records while graduates of a degree in Finance are experts in bonds, stocks and other financial services offered to corporate and individual investors. The primary purpose of finance programs is to enable candidates to provide an accurate analysis on a firm’s financial position and performance.

Throughout a degree program in finance, candidates develop skills inproblem-solving and the decision-making processes. Because financial professional often work closely with their clients, many programs emphasize leadership, communication and presentation skills.

Key topics covered in a Finance program

The curriculum of a Finance degree includes A broad range of financial areas, such as financial planning and controlling, investment banking and risk management. Students will learn various financial concepts such as economic theory, statistics and probability. As such programs in Finance develop a candidate’s understanding of fundamental financial tools, graduates are equipped with the skills required to perform successful analysis.

Develop in-depth knowledge in various financial areas

Programs in Finance work to provide students with knowledge of how firms manage their investment capital, individual resource allocation and how markets function in order to equate supply and demand. During their studies, candidates will advance their knowledge in various corporate financial functions towards a career as a consultant or financial advisor.

Reaching clients’ goals

In today’s dynamic global economy, new financial services are consistently developed This leaves firms with a need for financial specialists with advanced knowledge in finance who can take their organizations on new heights. Financial professionals must  possess the latest insights in various financial theories and understand how to access and manipulate a company’s resources and options. As they navigate the financial development of an organization and enable future growth, professionals with a degree in finance will prove invaluable to an organization’s welfare.

Gain an international perspective

Programs in Finance attract students from all over the world and provide them with an outstanding opportunity to gain international experience. Networking with financial professionals positively effects one’s personal and professional development and provides access to international career opportunities.

A degree in Finance – exploring job prospect

Despite recent economic decline, the financial sector has flourished due to an increased amount of financial products and services offered to firms. Companies facing complex investment decisions need professionals with the competence to advise them on challenging issues.

Graduates of a degree in Finance become specialists in investment questions thus distinguishing themselves from other candidates. Such graduates are able to pursue a rewarding career in sectors such as insurance, investment and commercial banking. 

A degree in Finance provides candidates with a solid understanding of financial theories and practices and prepares them to solve complex business tasks. Begin your career in finance today – apply for a program!


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