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A degree in accounting puts a candidate in the spotlight and opens up opportunities for employment in any type of an organization across various industries. Among the most popular jobs are financial controllers, internal auditors and tax accountants. Develop analytical and problem solving techniques as well as the business skills necessary to become a part of a top management team - Browse the list of programs in accounting below and contact admissions officers directly by using the 'request information' function.
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What is an Accounting?

Accounting is the process of analyzing and verifying financial data, and reporting the results to corporations, government agencies or individuals. The aim is to ensure that the business is performing efficiently and not losing money. Accountants have to assure the profitability of a firm through an accurate examination and analysis of financial information and current trends effecting business performance.

What are an accountant’s responsibilities?

Accounting is a heart of any business entity and plays an important role in a decision-making process, including various strategic initiatives and budgeting. The main responsibilities of an accountant are to put together a balance sheet, a cash flow statement, account payable, etc.

Unlike graduates with a finance degree who become experts in investment questions and stock markets, accountants focus on analyzing and interpreting financial information and work closely with executives and top management solving problems that arise in organizational activities.

Exploring career opportunities

A degree in accounting provides candidates with an opportunity to start a career in various types of organizations, such as public, private, non-profit and government organizations. Thechoice of job perspectives is vast – these can include roles as an internal auditor, tax and staff accountant, controller, etc.

Graduates of an accounting program gain professional qualifications, enabling them to secure a key position in an organization and advance their career development into senior management position. Salaries vary for accounting professionals depending on the education level, experience and career path.

Key topics covered in a Program in Accounting

Throughout the program students will develop advanced skills in financial statement analysis and auditing. Candidates are provided with an in-depth understanding of various theories and approaches that will assist them on analyzing and evaluating financial data.

Concepts such as economic and finance are often integrated in the program to extend candidates’ general knowledge in accounting. International Standards of Auditing (ISA) are also crucial to accounting professionals as such being a part of many programs in accounting.

A value based management is typically integrated in the program to develop students’ business skills. Candidates will understand the role of shareholders and how to align shareholders’ interests with organizational long-term objectives.

What skills do candidates gain from an Accounting Program?

Upon completing the degree in accounting candidates will gain strong professional, technical accounting skills. Courses included in the program highlight various financial concepts needed to understand how accounting is generated.

Throughout the program students will train their communication skills as their future career will involve numerous presentations of financial statements to the top managers affecting the firm’s business planning. Acquire the skills needed to measure a firm’s economic activity and enhance its value – apply for a degree in accounting!


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