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German MBA programs are becoming increasingly popular with record applicants and admissions. As the wealthiest nation in Europe, Germany is home to top business schools as well as an abundance of companies in every size. An MBA from a university is often a “good buy” offering results at less of a cost than UK or US business programs. Find and compare German MBA programs below and request information to get in touch with admissions.
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German MBA Programs Gaining Speed

MBA programs in Germany are growing in popularity. Germany is in the top 10 nations that takers of the GMAT forwarded their scores according to data released in 2012 by the GMAC (Graduate Management Admissions Council). Admissions are also increasing as more Germans are choosing to remain in Germany rather than go abroad to earn their MBA.

Working in Germany after your MBA

Germany (or Deutschland) has become the financial center of the Euro and is a prime investment for foreign investment and successful entrepreneurs. The country has a long history of innovation, formal education, and effective management practices.
Germany has opened its borders to foreign workers and international MBA students are no longer required to take their labor market tests to join the workforce nor is there a legal requirement any longer for German citizens to take priority over internationals in hiring.
Some strong sectors to look into would include engineering, manufacturing and IT in a diverse range of specialties. Proficiency in German would be desirable when looking for employment though most Germans have a solid educational foundation in English.

Germany: Haven for companies of all sizes

If you are interested in working in Germany after your MBA or considering what sort of internship you would like to take during your MBA, you will be happy to learn that Germany is home to 30 major companies known the world over. It is also a hub of industry with tens of thousands of small and mid-sized corporations which give jobs to upwards of 25 million people. These small and medium-sized companies offer the largest number of internships and apprenticeships for students.

Consider German business culture while applying

Getting to know the business culture of Germany before you embark on your MBA program search will give you a leg up on other candidates. Germany has a strong respect for education and titles, so your choice to study an MBA will be a respected one. The nation has a high regard for planning and general forward-thinking which applies to innovation as well as efficiency. You will be expected to have a detail-oriented approach and a consideration for structured and defined practices. Impulsivity is not a desirable trait so you will want your choice to study an MBA to be carefully considered and part of a well-thought-out career plan.
Good business etiquette is an essential in Germany. Unethical actions are a major tarnish on a professional’s reputation and respect for colleagues is highly valued including respecting others’ time through punctuality.

Weekends in Germany

Whether sipping Riesling along the Rhine or visiting cutting edge art exhibits in Berlin, your free time will be filled with Germany's rich culture. Germany boasts a strong work-life balance and its residents enjoy their free time from basking in green city space, eating world-renowned food, to hiking in the sprawling Black Forest.


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