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Finance MBAs in Germany

As the economic hub of the European Union, Germany is the ideal location to study an MBA in Finance. With a world of opportunity at your fingertips, a Financial MBA at the heart of European economics may come equipped with practical internships and opportunities to network within the financial industry.  Browse the list below of accredited programs in Germany and find your MBA in Finance today. Request information to contact university admissions directly. 
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Finance and MBA Programs

Finance is a broad industry which affects all citizens in terms of their professional or personal life. It is the study and practice of acquiring the necessary funds for a project, combined with their effective administration and management. The three main types of finance are corporate finance, personal finance and public finance. The latter of the three is dealt with by governments and these funds are generated largely from taxes. All three types of finance are commonly concerned with trivial activities such as obtaining good credit rates, setting side funds for liabilities, banking and pursuing worthwhile investment plans. MBAs in Finance work to provide professionals, executives and entrepreneurs with the skills and perspective to apply smart financial practice to any enterprise, whether or not it directly pertains to the financial sector.

Finance MBAs in Germany

As the country responsible for safeguarding and managing the Euro currency, Germany has become the economical hub of Europe. As such Germany offers a multitude of academic and professional opportunities for individuals with a background or interest in the financial market. Delegates wishing to pursue a more lucrative career in this thriving industry can approach these ambitions in several ways. When acquired from an accredited business school, an MBA in finance is recognized by companies and public and non-profit institutions across the globe. Plenty of these programs are strategically situated within Germany.

Cities such as Frankfurt and Hanover provide dozens of MBA programs, which are available with a number of business schools. There are many MBA programs spread across other parts of Germany as well, giving delegates the freedom to study where they wish. Examples of the MBA programs available from top business schools in Germany include GlobalFinance, Investment Banking, Financial Management, Corporate Finance and Funding Strategies, Sovereign and Country Risk, Intensive Bank Analysis and Liquidity Risk Management in Banks.

Core Curricula - Finance MBAs in Germany

Throughout Germany-based MBA programs, delegates can be sure that they will significantly improve their management skills, learn about marketing strategy and discover new quantitative business methods. These business schools vigorously cover modules such as human resources management, global economics and financial investments. Delegates enrolling in MBAs in Finance can also expect to improve their knowledge on credit assessments and learn how the financial markets impacts independent businesses and individuals from all walks of life. Market indicators will be identified, allowing delegates to differentiate between the numerous triggers which can severely impact the fluctuation of any financial market.

Career Opportunities

Many delegates graduating from business schools in Germany pursue careers in the stock market as brokers or managers. Participants will have access to state of the art software resources, reinforced by a team of highly professional lecturers with years of experience in the finance industries. Lunch and refreshments will be provided and discounts are available for some training courses.


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