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Full-Time MBA programs

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the world's most well-known and highly regarded educational programs. For those looking to change careers, move into a business management role, or increase their earning potential, a full-time MBA program offers the skills necessary to do so. Most full-time MBA programs consist of four semesters that require complete commitment and intensive study.

The Full-time MBA degree is an invaluable investment for future business leaders. Learn more about how to find the right MBA program for you, below we have gathered a list of institutions that are renowned for providing their competitive and comprehensive MBA programs. Request information to receive information tailored to your personal requirements or needs, and a training organizer will contact you.

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MSc in Real Estate Investment
City University: Cass
10 months
The MSc in Real Estate Investment is aimed at those students wishing to enter or advance their careers in the...
Olin MBA
Washington University: Olin
2 years
St. Louis
At Olin Business School, honing your functional skills is just the starting point. Because here, an MBA education is about...
One-Year MBA
Northwestern University: Kellogg
Chicago, Illinois
The Kellogg School's One-Year (1Y) MBA Program, established in the late 1960s, is an accelerated business education program that enables...
Pre Masters Diploma / Certificate in Management
IBAT College Dublin
1 year
From 4,000 EUR
At IBAT College Dublin, it is possible to earn a credential that combines both broad knowledge in business and management...
Specialised Programme in Quantitative Finance
emlyon business school
16 months
The objective of the Specialised Programme in Quantitative Finance is to train top level specialists able to advance in today’s...
Specialized MBA
ESEI International Business School
2 years
The MBA program is structured over the course of two academic years. The master in business management is completed in...
Texas MBA
McCombs School of Business
2 years
The Texas MBA is built around four key pillars to educate tomorrow’s leaders: Knowledge and Understanding; Responsibility and Integrity; Communication...
The Early Career MBA
Willamette University, Atkinson Graduate School of Management
Oregon (state)
The Willamette University Early Career MBA is an innovative program that allows students to begin their MBA without prior work...
Two-Year MBA Program
Northwestern University: Kellogg
Chicago, Illinois
The Two-Year (2Y) Master of Business Administration program is a traditional MBA program. With 960 first- and second-year students enrolled,...
Vanderbilt Health Care MBA
Vanderbilt University: Owen Graduate School of Management
2 years
Tennessee (state)
Vanderbilt has a vision to shape the future of the health care industry . The key to change is equipping...
Vanderbilt MBA
Vanderbilt University: Owen Graduate School of Management
2 years
Tennessee (state)
The Vanderbilt MBA provides successful professionals a rigorous curriculum with exceptional preparation for the real business world. The Vanderbilt MBA’s...
Wharton MBA
University of Pennsylvania: Wharton
Wharton's MBA curriculum offers depth, breadth, and options. The curriculum emphasizes "general management plus" - a rigorous core in general...
Displaying 151-162 of 162 results

More about Full-Time MBA programs

The Master of Business Administration is currently the world's most famous immersion and advanced course in business studies. The length of full-time MBA programs vary, but are generally between 1-2 years and require students to commit themselves entirely to the program.

An MBA course or program is designed for people who want to develop their business skills to become leaders in the business world, and for those who hope to work in management and governance of companies. Students in the most competitive MBA programs will usually bring five to ten years postgraduate experience with them, however each program has different entry requirements.

MBA -  Full-time program

The full-time MBA program normally takes place over two academic years (approximately 18 months of term time). Courses usually begin in late August/September and continue until May, with a three to four month summer break in between years one and two. Although the requirements for full-time MBA programs vary depending on school, typically applicants should have a reasonable amount of prior real-world work experience, and have already completed an undergraduate degree. Additionally, full-time MBA students should expect to attend instructor led classes provided on campus. If the latter is not an option, it may be beneficial to look into a distance or online MBA program.

MBA - Explore the opportunities

Masters of Business Administration programs attract delegates from a wide range of academic disciplines and is based on a best practice approach to management.

Many MBA programs are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of business areas such as Accounting, Marketing, Human resources, and Operations Management, to the future leaders of tomorrow. Generally students have the option to choose their area of specialization, in which a third of the program is dedicated to. Popular areas of specialization include Accounting, Finance, Healthcare Administration, Marketing, and International Management.

Full-time MBA programs Find additional specialized MBA programs here

MBA - Passport to a successful management career

Due to the nature of MBA programs, and the prestige asigned to them, a number of accreditation bodies exist to ensure consistency and quality of graduate business education. Business schools and Universities in many countries offer MBA programs tailored to either full-time, part-time, executive, and distance learning students, with specialized concentrations.

MBA - Part-time program

Designed for those delegates that want to study alongside their employment, or engage in other activities, the part-time MBA program is usually made up of classes on weekday evenings, after normal working hours, or on weekends. Part-time programs normally take three years or more, and are suitable for working professionals who will engage in a lighter course load over a longer period of time.

Executive MBA (EMBA) program

The executive MBA is a program developed to meet the educational needs of managers and executives, who wish to update their knowledge and rejuvenate their careers. The executive MBA is designed specifically for full-time, working professionals in the mid-stage of their careers. 

Distance learning MBA programs

Distance learning MBA programs offer delegates the ability to complete an MBA program electronically, without the need to attend regular classes.  These programs utilize in a number of different formats: including correspondence courses via email, interactive broadcast video, recorded lectures or podcasts, and live teleconference or videoconference. Many of the top MBA schools offer these online programs, however it is always advisable to conduct research on a school or program before undertaking any distance learning coursework

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