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Ms in Supply Chain Management

Washington University: Olin
Program summary
1 year
St. Louis

Program description

Supply Chain ManagementDevelop a broad cross-functional managerial perspective.

Exceptional management of the production and delivery of a firm's products and services – its supply chain – is essential. Washington University's Olin Business School equips graduates to stand out in this challenging and critically important career field.

Bringing finished products to market means working with a complex web of suppliers, production workers, shippers and distributors in numerous locations. Disruptions in any link of that supply chain can have disastrous consequences. And mastery of this extremely complex set of tasks and functions can be a decisive source of strategic competitive advantage.

This intensive program brings together faculty renowned for their work in risk management and supply chain research, a cutting-edge curriculum and industry collaboration.

  • Gain a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts of logistics, supply chain, change management, innovation and integrated risk management.
  • Utilize state-of-the-art tools for designing and managing world-class supply chains.
  • Engage in experiential learning simulations, negotiation exercises and case studies.
  • Apply your skills and knowledge in hands-on projects for corporate partners of Olin’s Boeing Center of Technology, Information and Manufacturing (BCTIM).

Application and Admission Requirements

What does it take to be admitted to Olin's Ms Supply Chain Management Program?

We review each applicant on a number of factors, looking for individuals with strong academic, professional and extracurricular activities. We base our selections on your past performance, quantitative skills and communication skills. To ensure diversity in each entering class, we admit students with various backgrounds, experiences, talents and interests.

Ms in Supply Chain Management curriculum:

The Master of Science (Ms) degree in Supply Chain Management curriculum is designed to serve the market of logistics and supply chain management professionals looking for a top-notch academic program that emphasizes rigorous training in the fundamentals of global supply chain management, access to working tools in designing and managing world-class supply chains, a deep understanding of integrated risk management of all relevant supply chain risks, an integrated functional management perspective for the logistics and supply chain activities, a strong experiential component via relevant simulations and case studies, and an application-driven focus via challenging integrated real-world projects with corporate partners at the Boeing Center on Technology, Information, and Manufacturing (BCTIM).

Expenses / Tuition Fees

The Master of Science in Supply Chain Management curriculum consists of 36 hours of academic credit. Tuition for the 2010-2011 academic year is $1,335 per credit hour, for a total of $48,060 for 36 hours of academic credit. For students without prior background in business subjects, up to six credits of foundation course work also may be required, in addition to the standard curriculum of 36 hours, for a total of $56,070.

All full-time students will also be assessed the Washington University student health fee of $600 and student activity fee of $100 (estimated). Tuition rates change annually in the summer and will be updated on this site. We don't offer specific scholarships or special financial aid packages. However, financing in the form of student loans and work study may be available.

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Washington University: Olin

One Brookings Drive
63130-4899 St. Louis, MO

Phone no: (314) 935-7301


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