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Business administration studies in the United States

MBA programs and Executive Masters in the United States have a high popularity among international business enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. Business schools in the USA have a well-established reputation, high rankings and excellent career prospects for their graduates. The market openness and flexibility appeal to applicants who want to consolidate their experience with new insights from the most developed business environment in the world. Select an MBA Program in the USA that can help you expand your business perspective, move your company abroad or develop multinational ventures. Top MBA employers located in the US will motivate your learning experience with concrete career prospects.
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More about MBA Programs in the United States of America

The business environment in the USA

New York city landscapeThe constant business development in the US is supported by the flexible market and competitiveness. The global outlook and expansionist tendencies encourage young entrepreneurs to implement their startup ideas in the US and get their training from prestigious business schools in the States. Being able to interact with the most inspiring business executives in your industry area opens new career opportunities already during your study time.

University education in the US equally values the academic preparationg and the creative thinking of their applicants and thus offer a broad selection of extracurricular activites that can inspire your upcoming business projects.

MBA Programs structure

Prestigious education institutions and Ivy League schools that developed the actual teaching principles and training in business administration offer challenging curricula for applicants in all business branches. The admission requirements for MBA programs in the US include the GMAT tests with high scores and overall high academic achievements, as well as practical business experience in a relevant area.

American campuses that host MBA courses offer a true mix of cultures and plenty of networking opportunties. International applicants at different points in their career move to the US to improve their theoretical insights about the business area they want to perform in, but especially to get  hands-on experience on the US market.

Many of the MBA programs offered by our trainers are collaborative projects between universities in the USA and business schools on other continents. Candidates can choose their own pace of learning and explore more cultures and markets while writing their dissertation. The practical orientation of an MBA program, as compared to the more theoretical focus of a Masters of Science(MSc) in a business-related field, will allow the candidates to immediately transfer their knowledge into practice.

Executive education in the USA

Experienced leaders in the growing industry branches choose executive masters in the United States which enable them to develop practical business projects and receive an academic acknowledgment of their expertise.  The worldwide recongnition of your leadership experience may lead you to consider a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA). Upon completing a doctoral dissertation you will advance innovative business strategies for the new business environment and solutions to the challenges of the new century.


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