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Orientation and Introduction to the Value Chain

The program begins with a long weekend in residence at the Walton College. This session blends orientation activities with the first two-hour course, Introduction to the Value Chain, the unifying framework of the program. Students are issued their textbooks, activate their Walton College email accounts, participate in building activities, mixed with lectures and learning activities designed to introduce the concept of the value chain.

Capstone Project

The highlight of the Managerial MBA program is the Capstone Project in the final summer of the program. As its name suggests, the capstone projects is the culmination of the program, where students apply what they have learned to a comprehensive business simulation.

Core Courses

Managerial MBA students take one six-credit hour block of courses each semester and each summer over the duration of the two-year program.

Value Chain = Value Added

The Managerial MBA curriculum is innovative and dynamic, focusing on application-based learning through cases and projects that can be readily applied to your current responsibilities at work.

Organized around the central framework of the Value Chain, the Managerial MBA program blends theory with analysis of real-world business situations. From logistics through production to delivery of finished products and services, the value chain helps managers identify competitive advantages and build high performing firms. By developing a better understanding of complex organizations and by sharpening their analytical skills, students in the Managerial MBA program add value to their organizations, placing them on the path to become the leaders of tomorrow. By bringing this knowledge to bear on situations that you face each day in your career, you will add value and increase contributions to the successful management of your company or business

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Application and Admission Requirements

The Managerial MBA program can be completed in just 24 months if students enter with the proper prerequisites. For students with a recent degree in business, this can typically be accomplished by reviewing self-study materials we make available upon a student's acceptance into the program. For students whose undergraduate degree is in a field other than business or students whose business degree was earned more than three years ago, online non-credit business courses in accounting, economics, finance, and statistics are available to be completed prior to the program orientation.

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The Walton College, at the University of Arkansas, is located 30 minutes from the world's largest retailer. More than 300 Fortune 500 companies have offices located in Northwest Arkansas to support their relationship with what is often their single-largest customer,...

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