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Joint MD / MBA program

5 or 6 years
5 or 6 years
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Program description

Together, the Dartmouth Medical School and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth offer students an opportunity to pursue a combined MD/MBA degree.

In a time of rapid change in the structure and functioning of health care in this country, there is a growing need for leaders with backgrounds in both medicine and management.

The two degrees may open pathways for careers in such diverse areas as management of a hospital complex, a health maintenance organization, a large practice, or a medical school. This training may provide the background for work in state, federal, or international health planning organizations. It may also prepare you to enter a leadership role in the pharmaceutical industry or with a biotechnology company.

Application and Admission Requirements

The MD/MBA program at Dartmouth looks for students with initiative, originality, and the ability to work in a team environment. Applicants should have the ability to analyze and use tools of analysis to solve complex managerial problems. Although most Tuck students have some management background before they enroll, this is not an absolute prerequisite for admissions.

The joint MD/MBA program seeks candidates with:
  • Initiative, creativity, and problem-solving ability
  • A high level of maturity and responsibility
  • A record of academic excellence and demonstrated leadership, and a strong desire to make a significant difference in the world and in society
  • 5 year and 6 year option

    The Dartmouth MD/MBA program offers both a five and six year program option. The five year program is tightly scheduled, with very few breaks, allowing candidates to earn the joint degree in five rather than six years, thereby reducing their financial commitment and enabling them to launch their careers at an accelerated pace.

    The six year track allows the student to experience the full impact of both programs, including the Tuck Summer Internship program, while allowing some cross course credits to be applied to each school, and allowing a little more scheduling flexibility to the student.


    Students in the joint MD/MBA program are eligible for campus housing during their complete academic year at Tuck. Dartmouth Medical School does not provide on-campus housing.

    Supportive Environment

    The program's success is based on the supportive environment of the faculty and administrators of the Dartmouth Medical School and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. Course work with the program is individualized and determined by the student, with guidance from the MD/MBA Directors. Educational plans vary, though students typically spend the first three years matriculating at DMS completing the basic science courses, as well as most of their third year clerkships

    Degree and diploma etc.

    The students will receive a MD/MBA in medicine and management from DMS and Tuck School of Business.

    Expenses / Tuition Fees

    Total tuition for the five-year track of the MD/MBA will be 3.5 years worth of tuition at Dartmouth Medical School (DMS) and 1.5 years worth of tuition at Tuck. For those in a six-year track the tuition will be 4 years at DMS and 2 years at Tuck.

    A year's tuition fees at DMS is $37,850.
    A year's tuition fees at Tuck is $42,990.

    The tuition costs are for academic year 2007-8.
    Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
    100 Tuck Hall
    NH 03755 Hanover

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