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2 years

Program description

Tepper MBAThe new world of business is one without precedent. The challenges are dynamic and complex. They will also require the skills to adapt to business issues with speed and accuracy. Tepper MBAs understand that the sequence for leading in today's marketplace requires a well timed sense of anticipation, analysis and action. Specifically, an ability to transfer business strategy into competitive advantage and market leadership. This mindset serves as the fundamental philosophy of how we teach: interdisciplinary analytical decision making combined with high-level teamwork.

We have been leading the art and science of business for more than a half century. Many of the concepts practiced in business today originated on our campus. We know that the value of an MBA is best demonstrated by the individual transformation it provides. Leadership does not happen by accident. Successful executives have two vital underpinnings: a solid management foundation that encompasses the breadth of business fundamentals as well as the analytic depth to assess even the most complex of situations.

The Tepper curriculum and course sequence is built on this approach. The first year strengthens analytical skills with quantitative methods and models, communications and the business environment. The second year emphasizes coursework focused on corporate strategy across diverse, multi-functional issues. Tepper faculty rely upon numerous methods to strengthen students' leadership and decision making skills, including team projects, cases, lectures, independent study, and research.

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Application and Admission Requirements

Though our standards are high and our admissions process is very competitive, our ideal student does not fit a rigid profile. We welcome students from diverse academic professional, academic and personal backgrounds, and seek exceptional individuals who have made an impact in whatever path they have chosen. Our admissions process is holistic in that we consider all aspects of the application equally to determine an overall fit with your background, goals, and leadership potential to the Tepper School's culture, curriculum, and community.

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Course Sequence

Year One: Foundation, Methods, & Models In year one, students are exposed to the fundamental base of management skills that serves as an important driver throughout the first decade of their careers. Economics, organizational behavior, and analytical courses form the intellectual foundation of developing an exceptional business skill set. The core begins with a solid foundation in the three fundamental scientific disciplines - economics, behavioral sciences, and quantitative methods.

In keeping with our tradition of innovation, the MBA faculty may revise the curriculum and course offerings at any time.

Year Two: Integration, Applications & Strategy The flexibility of the second year curriculum (virtually all elective courses) gives you the opportunity to integrate what you have learned, to explore the areas in which your career interests lie and to gain additional breadth across your choice of management areas.

In keeping with our tradition of innovation, the MBA faculty may revise the curriculum and course offerings at any time.

Same MBA - Different Options

The Tepper School offers the same MBA delivered in 3 different ways. The Tepper MBA is primarily a two-year, Full-Time program with most students completing an internship in the summer between the first and second year of study. Working professionals in the Pittsburgh area may also complete the MBA degree in the evening, as members of the FlexTime (part-time) program. Students among various company sites may also complete the MBA degree remotely through our real-time interactive classroom in our FlexMode program

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The Tepper MBA difference

The Tepper MBA was designed for times such as these. As a borderless B-school that encourages students to stretch beyond the conventional business school program, we believe in the strength of analytical decision making for advancing with a global marketplace.

This conviction is not without backing - we are ideally positioned to leverage our size (small), campus (intimate) and worldwide reputation (vast) for breakthrough coursework and research.

As the business environment continues to evolve in speed and complexity, today's graduates will require the skills and confidence necessary for success. Making a difference will mean unprecedented levels of innovation. Tepper MBAs are ready for this business mandate.

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Carnegie Mellon: Tepper

The Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, consistently ranks among the top business schools in the world. In 2007, the Wall Street Journal ranked the Tepper School #5 among the top MBA programs in the U.S.,...

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