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12 months

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SDA Bocconi - Full-Time MBA

The SDA Bocconi Full-time MBA - 12 months full-time in Milan

Big steps forward

The 1-year Full-Time MBA is the School's flagship program and begins each October with around 100 new MBA students. Great importance is given in the program to soft skills, such as decision-making, personal leadership, negotiation and governance. Students spend the first eight months of the program taking foundation courses and developing management skills followed by a two-month real-world, hands-on experience (individual internship or group consulting project), plus final Concentrations. In addition to 5 functional-based Concentrations, such as Strategy, Corporate Finance, Investments, Innovation and Marketing, the Program offers participants the possibility to further personalize their development by choosing the sector-based Track in Luxury Business Management (LBM) in partnership with Bulgari, one of the global players on the luxury market.

Particular emphasis is given to in-company projects (both individual and group), where students, supported by tutors, check out on the field what they have learnt in class.

Most students choose to take the entire MBA at SDA Bocconi in Milano, but some can apply for the Exchange Program option and spend 3 to 4 months at one of over thirty prestigious business school partners located all around the world.

MBA students have full access to Career Service, which organizes one-to-one career advising and coaching, workshops, corporate presentations, company days, CV book and job postings. Career management and recruiting activities allow participants to get in touch with a wide range of national and international companies.

Starting in the middle of the third term of the MBA program (mid-May), the LBM track offers students the opportunity to focus their path on subjects related to general management in luxury business. The approach the managerial peculiarities of these businesses is from 360°, from strategy to finance, from operations to legal issues.
The track is held in Rome at Bulgari headquarters. The active involvement of Bulgari managers in the program assures a unique interaction between theory and practice.

The courses are grouped into two main parts: Foundation and Advanced Courses. The foundation courses will take place from mid-May to late June. During this portion, students will also participate in a three-day Bulgari Business Game on managerial issues in luxury brands. Advanced courses will be held in October. From July to September, internships and field projects with an international perspective will be offered. The LBM track will be held in Rome at Bulgari headquarters. The active involvement of Bulgari managers in the program will assure an ideal interaction between theory and practice. This unique track is the only one in Luxury Business Management within a top ranked International MBA.

Global outlook

SDA Bocconi is globally focused. Competitive and successful businesses need MBAs who are ready to succeed not only at the regional level but at the global one as well. Our students are trained to have a grasp over cultural intricacies, cross-borders communication and the peculiarities of the marketplace.

World-class Faculty

The SDA Bocconi faculty is our academic power that fuels the reputation of our school's programs at an all-time high-ranking among the most prestigious business schools worldwide.


Students come at SDA Bocconi from across the globe. Every year, the campus is exemplification for diversity, internationalism and gender heterogeneity; the classes bring together individuals from different professional backgrounds with no industry dominating over the other.

Powerful Worldwide Network

Worldwide network’s pillar of strength lies in the quality of the partnership SDA Bocconi holds with key business institutions around Italy and across the world. SDA Bocconi alumni operating at the major cities around the world represent a concrete global network.

The Milano advantage

The school is positioned in the heart of Milano, a major capital of industry, finance, arts, media and, above all, fashion. Milano is a real-life laboratory for SDA Bocconi. The city is home to a myriad of companies and stock markets to which students are directly exposed.

SDA Bocconi Full time MBA programmeKey Facts

SDA Bocconi Full time MBA programme
Next starting date: 1 October 2014
Duration: 12 months
Language: English
Class size:100-110 in 2 sections in English
Average age: 29
Average years of experience: 5

Application and Admission Requirements

SDA Bocconi - Full time mba programme

The SDA Bocconi Full-time MBA has a number of admission requirements and a very rigorous selection process, conducted by dedicated professionals and consultants. Selection process is based on an overall analysis of various factors. Skills, talents and formal prerequisites:

  • enthusiasm
  • ability to listen
  • concentration and involvement
  • responsibility
  • motivation to grow as a manager and a person

The admission process includes various stages, including:

  • Application form
  • Degree certificate, transcript - You are required to submit an original/official or certified original transcript of grades (in English or Italian) from the college or university attended.
  • Detailed CV - Between 2 and 11 years of professional experience (average of 5 years)
  • Proficiency in English - If English is not your mother tongue, you must take the TOEFL, IELTS or PTE Academic tests.
  • GMAT - This is mandatory for all candidates - The GMAT is a very important indicator of class performance, but is only one of the elements considered in the selection process.
  • Two letters of reference
  • Application from sponsor companies (in the case that your company intends to financially support your participation in the program)
  • Interview

Full-time MBA Curriculum

4 phases, 12 months: the new MBA curriculum, for the right balance between career and life.

SDA Bocconi full time MBA programmeThe SDA Bocconi MBA is an ambitious undertaking. While it requires drive and motivation, it offers you a unique opportunity to improve, personally and professionally. From day one and throughout the Program, you will be plunged into a very intensive period of full-time work that progresses in set stages.

It is demanding, sometimes stressful, but it is also sustainable, allowing to set a proper balance between career aspirations and personal life.

The SDA Bocconi MBA: an integrated and innovative curriculum.

  • is based on real world management knowledge;
  • draws directly on our faculty's current research work;
  • blends together the analytical and social dimensions of managerial issues and instills ethical values;
  • takes place in a unique learning environment: academic as well as practice-based; diverse, teamwork oriented; open to the outside world and fostering interpersonal communication.

The MBA also involves you outside the classroom and after hours: extra-curricular activities actually belong to the mainstream program and offer a priceless opportunity to build a professional network.

Expenses / Tuition Fees

Fees and expenses of this SDA Bocconi Full-time MBA

Admissions Procedure Fee: €100

Tuition Fees: The total fee is € 43,500 to be paid in four installments

The fees include:

  • most teaching materials (although some texts must be purchased separately)
  • use of the School's desktop PCs*
  • access to the School's databases

* Each participant must have their own laptop.

The intensive nature of this twelve-month program makes it impossible to engage in professional activities that might provide you with financial support - contact us here to learn more.

About school

SDA Bocconi School of Management

SDA Bocconi is the leading School of Management in Italy and also stands among the top-ranked European Institutions. Founded in 1971, with its over 40-year experience, SDA Bocconi School of Management is a pioneer in business education in Italy: its...

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Contact info

SDA Bocconi School of Management

Via Bocconi, 8
20136 Milan

Phone no: +39 (02) 5836 6605 6606

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Arianne Orillac
My MBA is fast-paced: between class, group work and business case reading, you really never stop. But don't worry, you always manage to find a space for social activities in Milano, and club activities as well (skiing, sailing, golfing, wine tasting...). It's challenging and it's enriching: many new subjects all together, the great diversity of ...
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Francesco Arduini
My MBA is a full and intense life experience: you and different subjects to study; you and new and innovative teaching methods; you and the preparation for a new professional challenge. In reaching all these targets you can always count on a network of excellent professors and brilliant students. Everyday you study, share and exchange ideas and ...
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