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Post Graduate Program in Management

1 year
1 year
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Program description

Our Full Time Post Graduate Programme in Management offers you multiple learning opportunities in a short span of one year. Specially designed for professionals with work experience, our learning model covers a broad ground with case studies and real life projects. Through your interactions with faculty, business leaders, peers, and alumni, you will benefit personally and professionally.

The Post Graduate Programme in Management is a full-time one-year residential programme that is comparable in rigor and content to a regular two-year full-time MBA programme offered by global business schools.

Application and Admission Requirements

  • A Bachelor's degree
  • A valid GMAT Score
  • 2 years full-time work experience after graduation
  • TOEFL or IELTS score only if language of instruction during your undergraduate education was not English
  • Curriculum

    The curriculum is a judicious blend of insights from the East and West and enables a coherent understanding of the new emerging economies of the world. The PGP curriculum is reviewed and upgraded every year for its theoretical rigour and its practical relevance.

    The one year programme starts with the pre-term and orientation courses followed by eight terms of six weeks each. The first four terms cover the core courses, laying the foundation for the advanced elective courses in later terms. To specialise in one area, a student has to take a minimum of six electives from that area. Students can choose a maximum of two specialisations. You also have the option of enrolling in 2 additional electives.

    International Student Exchange Programme

    Businesses worldwide need management graduates who have the tools to succeed globally -- leadership skills, cultural awareness, foreign language proficiency, and an understanding of how the global marketplace functions. The ISB prepares you to meet these demands.

    The International Student Exchange Programme gives you the opportunity to study for two terms at other leading business schools. The ISB has partnerships with 32 leading schools from the USA, France, South Africa, Israel, Germany, China, Pakistan, and the UK for exchange programmes. Visiting students add to the diversity and peer learning experience on campus. Over the past few years, students of over 16 countries have visited the ISB as exchange students.

    Degree and diploma etc.

    Post Graduate Programme in Management. This programme is comparable to an MBA degree, but unlike in other countries, degrees can only be awarded by universities in India.

    Expenses / Tuition Fees

    Tuition Fee for the class of 2008 is INR15,00,000 or USD33,500.
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