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MSc in Cloud Computing with Management

Global College Malta
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1 year

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MSc in Cloud Computing with Management

Master of Science in Cloud Computing with Management - A 1 Year MSc program at Global College Malta

The MSc program in Cloud Computing and Management uniquely designed by faculty at Global College Malta and industry experts at Wharfedale Technologies merges business expertise with cutting edge technology insights to inspire and educate a new generation of Information Technology entrepreneurs.

Throughout the one-year program, candidates will have been introduced to the concept of enterprise and may opt to start their own business in the Cloud domain. The three-semester full-time MSc prepares graduates for leadership positions in leading edge technology organizations.

The program aims to educate future entrepreneurs into how they can maximize the contribution Cloud can provide for an organization and how they can utilize the characteristics of cloud and its benefits such as scalability, elasticity and utility billing to reduce their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and increase ROI.

Students will learn how to assess, evaluate, and apply the necessary tools to analyze an organization’s assets and verify if the cloud security and privacy implications are justifiable in implementing Cloud Computing, whilst understanding business requirements and be able to propose the right cloud solution. By the end of this intensive graduate level program, candidates will have a solid foundation in Enterprise Resource Planning applications deployed on cloud and use their benefits to generate results for their organisations. As future leaders, graduates will develop their management skills, team leading abilities and strategic thinking and will be confident in operating on a competitive market.

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Application and Admission Requirements

To qualify for admission, candidates are required:

Academic qualification

  • An Honours degree in Computer Engineering / Information Technology from a recognised university or equivalent institution, or
  • A Graduate-level professional qualification in a relevant field of study from a recognised university or appropriate comparable institution, or
  • Any other management qualification or experience the Admissions Committee deem suitable.

English language profieciency

  • A minimum TOEFL score of 575 or a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 average.
  • A GMAT score of at least 500 is preferable, but is not an admissions requirement

Master of Business Administration - MBA at Global College Malta Find out more about the application requirements by contacting the admission office at Global College Malta here!

Degree and diploma etc.

Successful candidates who complete all the study requirements for this program receive their Master of Science degree in Cloud Computing and Management from Global College Malta.

While there is a great future potential, there is expected to be a huge gap between supply and demand to meet the needs of the cloud technologies market. This presents an unprecedented opportunity for the graduates of this course.

More and more corporations evaluate their current IT topography and move more into a SAAS (Software As A Service) based model, which is driven by the Cloud platform and technology. This not only ensures cost savings, but removes redundant hardware. This means that organisations need to restructure their internal IT needs and deployment strategy, which requires cloud infrastructure specialists. There is thus a great demand for professionals who will be able to understand and implement various ERP applications, as well as manage data and various security aspects around it.

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Expenses / Tuition Fees

The cost of this MSc program is € 30,000 per candidate. Students can pay their fees in several installments.

Scholarships and funding options

Global College Malta offers partial scholarships of up to €10,000 to competitive applicants.

Master of Business Administration - MBA at Global College Malta Find out more about study costs and scholarships from the admission office. Enquire here!

Program Curriculum

The Master of Science program curriculum consists of the following modules:

  • Introduction to Key Cloud & Networking Concepts
  • Cloud Storage & Virtualization Concepts (CSVC)
  • Leadership Management
  • Management & Enterprise
  • Cloud Virtualization Management (CVM)
  • Cloud Configuration Management (CCM)
  • Enterprise Application Management (EAM)
  • Project Management
  • Dissertation

Master of Business Administration - MBA at Global College Malta Get the detailed program curriculum by contacting Global College Malta directly here!

Professional development opportunities

Short Courses

Short professional and vocational courses are offered as an extra-curricular activity. Global College Malta runs six courses, out of which students may select one per semester. Each student will receive a certificate of attendance, which can serve as valuable add on to their CVs.


Candidates are given the opportunity to start an internship at a local business, to complement their studies and further diversify their career perspectives.

Employment Opportunities

The most competitive graduates of this Msc programmay be employed directly by Wharfedale Technologies. Additionally, the Students’ Support Office will advise students on their employment opportunities, reviewing their CVs and how to apply for a position either in Malta or in the EU.

Independent Modules

Students who had started a degree and wish to transfer to Global College Malta are given the opportunity to join the program or attend one or more modules to build on their professional experience.

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