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The quality of education in business schools of the United Kingdom and the career prospects available make it a top destination for business enthusiasts and young professionals. The international curriculum of the MBA programs in the UK, the possibility to interact with a community of renowned academics and the market readiness for new startups make the candidates choose the UK for their MBA studies. Select an MBA program in the United Kingdom that will make your professional business profile stand out in the global market. Prestigious business schools and academics will assist your progress and adjust their training methods to your career interests.
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The business environment in the United Kingdom

Old BaileyThe country's economic profile and its innovation-driven policies make the business climate competitive and attractive for local and foreign investors. United Kingdom's position within international institutions and its consolidated business relations with important actors on all continents raised the national economy to high standards of performance. A constant growth of the national GDP places the UK among the top economies in the Western Europe.

Industry sectors with a fast growth in the UK include manufacturing, energy, the ICT, media & entertainment and services. The United Kingdom is also trend-setter in creative industries, by cultivating a permanent collaboration between research institutions and the industry sector.

International business actors develop partnerships with local entrepreneurs and build upon their professional network in the region. The United Kingdom's effectiveness in anti-monopoly policy is, thus, enabling for a wide variety of small-scale startups.

The intensive university-industry collaboration in R&D in the United Kingdom benefits both sides. Cutting edge research is quickly developed into products that are released for the larger public, and business experts develop their ventures in accordance to the market demands of the new products and services.

MBA Programs

The university education in the UK is one of the world's top. University campuses offer an inspiring multicultural experience, by gathering students and professionals from all over the world. Business administration studies in the UK benefit from the networking opportunities and the advanced course catalog with an intensive practical component. The core curriculum of an MBA program following the international structure typically includes courses in general management, business law, financing, intellectual property, leadership development etc. In addition, the candidates have the possibility to tailor their elective modules to their professional careers.

A dissertation concludes the MBA program, which include's the candidate's own reasearch in business administration along real-case business scenarios. The practical focus of the MBA programs in the UK prepares applicants to apply their thesis work in practice immediately upon graduation. Many of the MBA programs offered in the UK value academic exchange with institutions in Europe, the United States or Asia.

Executive education in the UK

Business professionals with a longer management career choose executive education in the UK for the prestigious academic acknowledgement and its networking potential. Upon graduation, the candidates are able to continue their business careers on local grounds, develop international partnerships or expand their ventures abroad. Executive masters in the UK are offered as full-time study, part-time or distance learning, given the candidates' active professional participation. Alternatively, DBA programs attract business executives interested in a more research-intensive track that concludes with an extensive project thesis. A doctoral program in business administration (DBA) takes four years to complete and includes advanced research projects, applicable as long-term strategies in the global market.

Cultural explorations

The United Kingdom offers a unique cultural experience that embeds symbols of the Western thinking from Renaissance to postmodernity. University cities offer important platforms of cultural exchange, an active interaction between the broader public and the institutions of culture and a welcoming local spirit. Explorations of the national heritage and the royal patrimony and the people's refined taste in art and living invite a broad public of tourists and professionals to the United Kingdom.


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