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Finance is an indispensable part of business. An MBA in Finance can help professionals and executives to build management and financial skills to successfully operate a business. Top MBAs in Finance are available throughout the UK for candidates wishing to build skills in  business finance, financial management, investment, accounting and more.  Browse the list of Finance MBAs in the UK below to find the right program for you. Request information to contact business school admissions offices.
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Finance as a Key Aspect of Business

Today, the word finance is used loosely as the process of acquiring and efficiently managing funds. Within the spectrum of finance, the three main sectors of the finance industry include personal finance, public finance and corporate finance. Due to the reliance on funding and effective financial management for company operations, finance is a critical aspect of business administration.

MBAs in Finance – Study in the United Kingdom

UK professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and skills in the field of business and finance are confronted with a plethora of educational opportunities. As a highly popular field of study throughout the United Kingdom, MBAs in finance are offered both from a general finance perspective as well as according to specific financial disciplines, such as investment, accounting, and banking. Due to the highly specialized nature of finance, some MBAs in Finance may require candidates to hold specific financial qualifications as a pre-requisite.

The United Kingdom is effectively a global financial center. For individuals wishing to pursue a career in business or finance within the UK or greater Europe, a geography-specific MBA in Finance can provide the broad knowledge necessary to navigate financial practices specific each region and nation.

Commonly, MBAs in Finance are also designed from an international perspective. This is extremely relevant to the current global state of finance and business. Internationally-mined programs also offer strategic benefits in terms of the access opportunities for financial gain that London, the UK’s center, has to offer.

An MBA in Finance – Skills & Opportunities

In addition to the business and management skills that a Master in Business Administration provides its students, an MBA in Finance places an emphasis on the tools, strategic thinking and mind-sets necessary to succeed in business and in the financial sector.

As an indispensable part of business success, effective financial management can be the difference between loss and profit. Accordingly, MBAs in Finance are popular among a range of professionals, executives and entrepreneurs looking to improve the quality of their organizations and businesses, whether or not they pertain to the financial sector directly.

An MBA in Finance is comprised of a core curriculum in the skills of business and management, with specialty courses in advanced financial practices. Examples of such elective studies may include management accounting, budgeting for business, acquisitions and mergers, advanced corporate governance and asset, liability management, gross margins and profit margins, the management of working capital, measuring business performance and investment appraisal. Combined with flexible-curriculum programs, the options are nearly limitless. 

Modes of Study

MBAs are designed for professionals with some years of full-time working experience. In the UK, it is common that MBA candidates elect to study a program while continuing with their full-time work. In these cases a part-time or modular MBA can enable them to continue working by studying during the evenings, weekends or online. For students wishing to submerge themselves into an intensive MBA program, many options exist for full-time and fast track study. Regardless of the mode of study, MBA candidates will complete their MBA programs prepared with a wealth of knowledge and new skills.


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