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Global executive MBA programs are addressed to business professionals with experience on management positions that are interested in the global expansion of their company, successful leadership and new sustainable business strategies. During the global eMBA program several institutions located in different countries provide expert counseling and training. By insuring their organizations' transition from the local to the global business environment, the executives will improve their decision-making and global thinking. Select the global executive MBA that fits your company's profile. Rely on the best executive training providers worldwide and increase your organization's competitive advantage in the global arena.
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More about Global executive MBA programs

Program structure

global business executiveGlobal executive MBA programs are usually funded by the company and promise a quick investment return based on the global business expertise acquired. The average length of a global eMBA is 18 months, during which business executives will learn to adjust their management strategies to different national markets. Flexible schedule and timing allow for interaction among business experts that could set the bases for long-term partnerships.

Global executive MBA programs offer:

  • Direct consulting and interaction with global business experts
  • Professional networking  and  business partnerships opportunities
  • Improved decision-making at the company level
  • Recommendations for a successful multinational expansion of your company
  • Intercultural training into business ethics
  • Highest academic acknowledgement of your business expertise

The global business environment

Your experience in leadership positions has already taught you the importance of international networking. By joining a global eMBA program you activate knowledge and business strategies that could benefit your company’s reputation on the global market. In an elite learning environment you will share opinions with experts in your industry; they will guide you towards a consolidation of your competitive advantage and make your future business projects more sustainable. The management of human resources in your company is another key-area that needs input from multicultural training experts. The success of your global mission later depends on how you forward these insights to your professional team.


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