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Program summary
21 months
Chapel Hill

Program description

UNC OneMBA EMBAWith the focus on global management and a broad global network the UNC OneMBA EMBA fills your PDA with global business contacts on four continents. With students, alums and faculty in Asia, Europe, North and South America, OneMBA EMBA is the only MBA that’s truly global. That’s only one of the many reasons why global managers choose OneMBA.

OneMBA EMBA brings together best practices and knowledge from five premier universities on four continents. You will learn to analyze problems, think strategically, and build great organizations. Plus, you will develop teaming skills and cultural awareness for global career success.

Global By Design

The OneMBA global EMBA curriculum was designed by key faculty members from the partner schools. They worked together to incorporate perspectives and best practices from each world region. No other global MBA program was designed by five premier universities located on four continents.

What you will learn

  • Analysis: Use analytical models that you will be able to apply at work and interpret results from a global manager’s perspective.
  • Global strategy: Develop action-driven global strategies based on a broad understanding of corporate and global environments.
  • Leadership and global teaming: Sharpen your communication skills to direct and motivate others. Learn to work effectively with team members located around the globe. Build awareness of cultural issues that impact global communications. Create a plan for shaping your leadership skills—and your career.

Application and Admission Requirements

Professional Experience is required of at least 7 years minimum, with 10 years experience preferred.

Degree and diploma etc.

UNC’s OneMBA has all the rigor of a full-time MBA program

You will earn the same accredited degree as graduates of UNC’s traditional MBA Program. Plus, you will earn the OneMBA issued by the five OneMBA accredited partner schools. The OneMBA curriculum is more concentrated than the traditional MBA, with emphasis on global management. Our students will tell you this is no “MBA-lite.”

OneMBA learning modes

OneMBA GraduateThree types of courses

  • Global residencies: Join students from all the OneMBA partner schools for four weeklong global residencies held on four continents.
  • Global core courses: Five core courses are taught simultaneously at the five OneMBA universities. Each course includes a major project that requires working remotely with your global team from the partner schools.
  • UNC’s regional courses: We round out the curriculum with ten of the best, globally oriented courses from UNC’s Weekend and Evening Programs. These regional courses have been proven to accelerate career success for UNC MBA graduates.

How you will learn

  • Active classroom participation: We engage students in lively classroom discussions to take advantage of their extensive business experience. You will learn as much from your classmates as from the professors.
  • UNC team: Your UNC team will be a diverse group of five to seven UNC students. You will work together throughout the Program to complete regional course projects.
  • Global teams: You will complete global core course projects with team members from Asia, Europe and Latin America. During the Program, you will work with three different global teams. Your global team will meet during global residencies. Between residencies, the team works remotely using email, conference calls, and web-based conference tools.

Electives after graduation

You can keep your MBA current by taking elective courses offered in Chapel Hill through UNC’s Weekend MBA and Evening MBA Programs for a nominal fee.

OneMBA Global MBA Schedule

We designed the OneMBA schedule for global managers with busy travel schedules. Once-a-month classes and easy non-stop flights to DC make earning an MBA feasible.

Concentrated learning
On-campus residencies allow you to focus on coursework without distractions. Extended time with classmates builds strong connections that will last your entire career. Between sessions, you will have more flexibility for family and business travel.

Four Global Residency Weeks
Join about 115 OneMBA students from all five partner schools for four residencies on four continents.

  • USA: Gain an overview of the global business environment and begin building your global team and networks.
  • Europe: Study supply chains and sustainability in The Netherlands and in an emerging country, such as Turkey.
  • Latin America: Study global finance and cultural marketing in Mexico and Brazil.
  • Asia: Study strategies for adapting to a dynamic global environment in two rapidly changing business environments, such as India and China.

Expenses / Tuition Fees

The UNC OneMBA has fees of US $96,500 for the entire 21-month program, which includes tuition, texts, socials,
overnight accommodations, & most meals during weekend sessions and global residencies.

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University of North Carolina: Kenan-Flagler

At UNC Kenan-Flagler you gain skills that make you highly effective in your career, developing leadership skills that prepare you for long-term success. Part of the strength of our approach comes from a culture that values community and excellence, in...

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