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MBA Programs in North America An MBA is one of the highest degrees in Business Management obtained by professionals gaining a certain level of experience in the job market. In the current competitive job market, professional training degrees in Business Management like MBAs can come in extremely handy for competing and standing out. An MBA enhances chances of career growth and expands opportunities for professionals either looking to advance in their sectors or diverging into other career options.
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North America and its Educational Opportunities

Needless to say, among the countries occupying the region of North America, Mexico, the United States and Canada have the most significant economies. With these strong economies come some of the most advanced opportunities in education and academic opportunities. Time and time again, universities in North America have been ranked as some of the best in the world, offering top-notch graduate programs in different concentrations including MBAs in different concentrations.

The region is also home to some of the biggest multinational corporations in the world such as Google Inc., Apple, Microsoft, Big 4 Accounting firms, Hewlett-Packard and investment banking companies such as JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley.

Business education has been one of the strongest suits of academia in North America, offering several types of Masters programs in executive education. Some of these include MBAs, executive MBAs and others. Some common traits of the education in North America include of excellence in education and professional development. The universities have the highest accreditation in terms of quality education and top-notch business networking opportunities for graduating professionals. Some of the universities with world-renown reputability in the region for Masters in executive business programs include Boston, Dartmouth, Wharton, Harvard, Waterloo, Toronto, Yale and Brown.

MBA Program Essentials

The target group for MBA programs comprises of professionals who have completed certain amount of years in the industry on an average of 2-5 years or more. An MBA is aimed at providing working professionals an insight into the academic essentials of business education adequately matching their professional requirements. Some essential basic concepts covered in these MBA programs include strategic and general management, global management, business communication, microeconomics, managerial and financial accounting, marketing and human resources management. While the first year of MBA programs is carved out for general concepts, the second year is more specialized and gives professionals the opportunity to organize their study materials and courses into desired electives and concentrations.

MBA Program Formats

Since MBA programs are aimed at working professionals or graduates with significant experience in certain sectors, most of the MBA offerings by various universities in North America, offer a range of formats ranging from traditional classroom MBAs to online programs in business management. There are several flexible formats of MBA programs including part-time MBAs in several concentrations. These MBA programs are usually conducted in the weekends or evenings or certain number of days in a week. The main objective to ease the concepts into the professionals’ study programs without over boarding with the professional work.

MBA programs follow a mixed approach to teaching such as interactive sessions, case studies along with lecture-based theoretical teaching. An MBA gives the employers an idea of the professional growth and development as well as an indication of their qualities. Some of these skills include decision-making, managerial, qualitative, quantitative and analytical skills.

Career prospects after gaining an MBA in North America are huge, ranging from multinational investment corporations to academic research institutions. An MBA, over the past few years, has become a mandatory requirement in today’s competitive and highly saturated job market.


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