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General Management Postgraduate Programs

With more and more students earning bachelor’s degrees, it has become increasingly necessary for professionals to set themselves apart to employers through postgraduate education. General Management is a field of study that will teach you the fundamental leadership and operational skills necessary for an executive position.

Browse a list of postgraduate degrees and master's programs in General Management and “request information” to receive a list of courses tailored to your personal or professional requirements or needs.

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MS in Investment Management
Boston University School of Management
4.0 (1)
17 months
Boston, Massachusetts
Today's investment management professionals need more sophisticated management practices and professional training. Graduates need advanced analytical skills and practical understanding...
Master in Fashion and Luxury Business Management
GBSB Global Business School
1 year
From 9,900 EUR
Multiple (3)
Learn how to respond to the complex and fast-changing world of fashion and luxury business management in innovative and comprehensive...
Pre Masters Diploma / Certificate in Management
IBAT College Dublin
1 year
From 4,000 EUR
At IBAT College Dublin, it is possible to earn a credential that combines both broad knowledge in business and management...
MSc in Management
The University of Liverpool
30 months
Online / distance learning
Study for your MSc in Management  with The University of Liverpool and you will gain the skills to become a...
MSc in Management (Oil and Gas)
The University of Liverpool
30 months
Online / distance learning
The Online MSc in Management with a specialized track in Oil & Gas involves a systematic understanding of the theory...
MSc in Cloud Computing with Management
Global College Malta
1 year
From 30,000 EUR
The MSc program in Cloud Computing and Management uniquely designed by faculty at Global College Malta and industry experts at...
Master of Science (M.Sc In) Data Science & Business Analysis
2 years
From 26,000 EUR
The Master of Science (M.Sc In) degrees offered at EDC Paris Business School are innovative programmes that build on an...
MSc Project Management
Arden Study Center Berlin
From 15,000 EUR
Taking this programme will enable you to manage and deliver international projects. You will also gain skills in effectively analysing...
Master in Business Innovation
GBSB Global Business School
1 year
Multiple (3)
GBSB Global Business School’s Master in Business Innovation teaches students how to effectively manage, articulate, and implement innovative systems into...
MSc Engineering Management
Arden Study Center Berlin
From 15,000 EUR
Take your career to the next level with this master's degree, giving you the insights and skills you need to...
Business Innovation Programme - BIP
Deusto Business School
1 year
From 15,600 EUR
Multiple (3)
This Business Innovation programme focuses on dealing with innovation in the broad field of management and is designed for managers...
PhD in Management Sciences and Business Administration
University of Pannonia
8 semesters
To transfer to PhD students world-class cutting-edge research and scientific knowledge in the areas of economics and applied economics. To...
Master in Business Innovation - MBI
Deusto Business School
2 years
From 28,500 EUR
Multiple (5)
This Master in Business Innovation programme is designed to completely immerse students to ensure they master every part of the...
Master of Business Administration
European Business University
1 year
From 11,950 EUR
Multiple (2)
Why study the Master of Business Administration? The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a Masters-level business degree that will...
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)
4 years
The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a doctoral program for senior professional managers/administrators. It combines coursework and research investigations....
Doctor of Business Administration
European Business University
1.5 years
From 36,000 EUR
Multiple (2)
The European Business University of Luxembourg’s Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a professional doctoral degree designed to enhance executive...
SBS Executive MBA
Sydney Business School
21 months
The Sydney Business School Sydney campus of the University of Wollongong is one of Australia's leading centres for management education....
Master of Science in Business Analytics
Chinese University of Hong Kong
1 year
Hong Kong
Business analytics is one of the fastest developing career options in the Internet age, where technology assists companies in collecting...
Executive Bachelor of Business Administration
European Business University
1 year
From 10,950 EUR
Multiple (2)
Do you have big ambitions for your career in business? The Executive Bachelor of Business Administration is aimed at mature...
Displaying 1-19 of 19 results

A postgraduate education involves studying for professional certificates and diplomas as well as masters and doctoral degrees. Candidates wishing to pursue postgraduate studies must have a Bachelor’s degree.

Postgraduate degrees in General Management

Today’s business environment is extremely competitive and many firms have experienced difficulty adjusting to rapidly changing markets. Therefore, an organizational need has developed for professionals with the ability to work across various specializations. General managers have wide knowledge in a both business and non-business areas as well as key skills in value creation and business modeling, allowing them to run a business or department efficiently.
Is a postgraduate degree in General Management the right choice?

Candidates seeking out to specialize in a specific are of business should consider a postgraduate degree which provides them with an opportunity to become specialists in a chosen field. Upon completing the programs students will have gained the analytical skills necessary to solve complex business tasks. Such candidates have additional knowledge and skills to assist them in enhancing career opportunities.

Postgraduate programs will also suit candidates with a strong interest in a subject and a will to work with new concepts and theoretical frameworks. Postgraduate education offering research projects may be the most appropriate choice for such a candidate.

Why do companies hire General Management Postgraduates?

In today’s competitive business environment, employers demand qualified candidates with the advanced skills and qualifications to deal with complex tasks. Increased in-depth knowledge and expertise in a certain field puts a candidate in the spotlight, guaranteeing a desired job.
Many firms strive towards employees’ development and will encourage an employee’s idea to pursue a postgraduate degree. Companies may even partly finance a program if the employee guarantees to continue working at the firm.
Many organizations constantly face uncertainties which demand business leaders who can deal with complex issues and handle numerous responsibilities simultaneously. A GM program focuses on covering the areas of studies which future top managers require, such as accounting, law, management and economics. The main goal of GM programs is to integrate theory into practice and as such, programs typically combine theoretical base knowledge with comprehensive practical skills training, consisting of workshops and real-life projects.

Professional and personal development

Postgraduate programs focus on educating specialists with a set of practical skills to handle difficult business issues. Postgraduate degrees will also significantly contribute to one’s personal development. During the studies, candidates progress self-discipline and planning skills. Such programs demand students to be focused, ambitious and passionate about their studies – skills which are essential at a workplace.

Upon completing a GM program, candidates will have acquired the necessary management skills. After returning to their employing company, graduates will have a great variety of responsibilities that go far beyond day to day functional operations. Graduates will apply different managerial tools to effectively plan marketing, sales, purchasing and actively take part in decision making process. These newly acquired leadership skills will assist in people management, internal relations and efficient project management. Finally, graduates of GM programs may also become qualified to recruit new employees.

To become a business leader one should gain broad business knowledge and learn how to apply various management theories and tools to overcome organizational challenges. A GM program will give you the opportunity to achieve these goals – get the degree in General Management today!

Postgraduate degree – exploring the benefits

A postgraduate program is a link between education, employment and career. Candidates develop profound practical and theoretical knowledge in one field to become specialists that companies are looking to hire. Employers are aware that candidates’ with a postgraduate degree have unique strengths, such as professionalism, analytic thinking and hardworking. These qualities make them stand out enhancing opportunities of career development.
Candidates with a postgraduate degree improve their job prospects and are qualified for more challenging and rewarding work. Start your successful career today – enroll in a postgraduate program!

A GM degree presents an excellent opportunity to advance in an organization or to widen one’s choice of future career paths. Upon completing the GM program, graduates will have gained a solid foundation of business skills such as strategic management, team building and finance. Such skills are immediately transferable into various business situations, can be applied to nearly all types and sizes of organizations and are especially vital for managers in high positions.


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