Business Programs in France

Business education in France

MBA programs in France are a popular choice for professionals from around the world. France’s influential position on the European map of business and international institutions offer great career prospects to those with business education. France has a rich history of higher education and the implementation of the Bologna process is changing the face of business schools to be more standardized to Europe.
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Business Education: MBA France

France’s World Renowned Business Schools

Building upon the classical heritage of the French education system, a focus on enhanced and more streamlined business practices has driven the growth of MBA programs in France. Many institutions in France are producing highly globally ranked MBA programs in addition to prestigious triple accreditation backing.

MBAs in France – A better value

State spending in education draws MBA candidates with comparatively lower costs compared to Western Europe or the U.S. In addition to the money saved in tuition, studying an MBA in France delivers the added benefits of learning a new culture, gaining an international network, and possibly learning a new language. France may be an excellent choice for MBA candidates pursuing value.

French MBA Programs –Big Universities, Small Class Sizes

MBA programs in France gather the most successful applicants from the world over and university cities like Paris, Nantes, Strasbourg or Lyon having large institutions. With a small student to teacher ratio, teaching is centered on the learner’s interaction with renowned faculty imparting practical business experience as well as interactions with classmates potentially growing into lucrative international professional partnerships.

Business theory offset by practical experience

A full-time MBA program in France takes one to two years to complete. Lectures, seminars, case studies, internships, and field work offer a mix of theory and practical edge to the business degrees. Lectures, seminaries, internships and field work form the practical reasoning behind a business administration degree. Upon completion of an MBA program, the graduates are able to begin their business career in a French company or develop international partnerships with French organizations.

Types of MBA programs offered in France

Courses in business administration offered in France focus on key areas of general management, finances and international management. Candidates will gain additional experience in leadership, decision-making and corporate communication, as well as intercultural training.

French Business Etiquette to Consider

When applying to and interviewing for MBA programs, it may be wise to observe French business etiquette to get an advantage over other international candidates. A professional appearance is valued in France and dressing formally for an MBA interview would be expected. It is generally considered rude in France to drop in unexpectedly and initiate unexpected communication so being respectful of the others’ time is a must. Although many programs in France are offered in English, taking the time to develop your French language skills will be appreciated and open more job prospects.

Weekends in France

France is frequently ranked as the most popular tourist destination in the world and this is no wonder as its cuisine, landscape, and architecture are internationally renowned. France has a dense network of transportation systems making exploring the country easy. You can look forward to sampling regional wine, swimming on the French Riviera or relaxing in a café in one of Paris’s arrondissements on your time off.


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