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3 Online MBA or MBA in India to Work in Europe 6/24/2014   Rahul Is it best to study a distance MBA or an MBA in India if I want to work in Europe someday?
3 Will an MBA cure my boredom? 6/16/2014   Harry Recently finished up my degree in Computer Science and after working a couple of years coding at a mid-sized firm, I find myself getting bored. Would an MBA make me a better candidate for mgmt...
4 Is an MBA worth it? 6/13/2014   Emmond Is an MBA actually worth the money - what are MBA grads actually making these days?
2 How long does an MBA normally take? 6/12/2014   Kim How long does an MBA normally take?
7 Guidance 6/10/2014   Hardik Hello everyone. I'm right now pursuing my BCom degree final year. I wanna do MBA after my finals, but I am confused about how to proceed, specialisation to choose, entrance exams to be written...
2 MBA in General Management 5/5/2014   Ali What is a better career move - an MBA in General Management or a more specific MBA in something like International Management or Leadership?
2 Does an amazing GMAT balance lack of business experience in MBA applications? 3/25/2014   víctor Dear Sirs, I would greatly appreciate your professional advice. I have been considering the possibility of studying an MBA. I am by all means a nontraditional candidate. First, I have no bac...
1 Career steps for person with 82% CAT score 3/20/2014   mehul Hello sir, I have scored 82 percentile in CAT with job experience of 22 months. I'm confused about what to do next. plz guide me sir
1 Are MBA programs from the Philippines recognised in the US? 11/8/2013   Liz I would like to study in the Philippines for my MBA but how do I know that the MBA courses offered in the Phil. will be accredited in the U.S?
1 What background do you need to study an MBA in Aviation? 11/8/2013   Shurey I would like to know if a graduate of Bachelor of Commerce can study MBA in Aviation? And hows the Market of career in aviation management in Kenya? Thanks in advance.
1 What kind of job can you get if you do an MBA? 11/8/2013   Omondi What are some of the Jobs and careers that people who have completeted an MBA usually get? What can i expect to be qualified for if i do an MBA?
0 How good is an MBA in Food for your career? 11/8/2013   ash please tell me something about mba in food.. how good is it for securing a career in the hospitality industry?
1 Popular programs 10/10/2012   Rachel Which the most popular program right now in Europe?
1 Distance learning 10/4/2012   Anil Currently I am working in a s/w company and intrested to do my MBA in distance learning. Suggest me it is worth to do it for career growth and do this degree has any value in market with work ...
0 Top 15 MBA Employers in the United States 6/8/2012   search MBA team If you already got accepted into an MBA program, or you just started applying, you have probably considered career opportunities emerging after graduation. You may already have a dream-employe...
1 MBA Help - which program will provide best job opportunities 5/25/2012   Shweta Hi, Need help regarding the MBA program. Can't seem to figure out which one is the best and how will it provide any job opportunities for different flieds including retail brands since my bac...
1 MBA curriculum 12/12/2011   Sekgodiso what is the general learning programme or curriculum for mba programs?
1 Cost of an MBA 11/29/2011   samin how much does an average MBA cost?
0 Experienced internship in China 11/14/2011   Experienced internship in China Hi,everyone: This is Elly from Ningbo Wencheng International Student Internship IncNice to meet you!This is a very good chance for your getting more international experience when you are a stu...
1 MBA in Diplomacy and international relations 9/27/2011   Younos I am looking for an online MBA in Diplomacy and international relations.My highest qualifaction is a post graduate Diploma in International Humanitarian assistance. I have over 15 years of exp...
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