What kind of job can you get if you do an MBA? - Forum

11/8/2013 9:11 AM   Omondi

What are some of the Jobs and careers that people who have completeted an MBA usually get? What can i expect to be qualified for if i do an MBA?

RE: What kind of job can you get if you do an MBA?
4/8/2014 8:12 AM   SearchMBA

Hi Omondi,

Depending on the specialization within an MBA, MBA graduates tend to find job opportunities in high level management  or start their own business ventures. Having an MBA may also give you a certain edge over the competition when applying for jobs. As for specifics, this is entirely dependent on what you want to do, which MBA program you choose and whether or not you would like to start your own company.

What are your interests? Where do you have your experience?



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