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6/16/2014 9:40 AM   Harry

Recently finished up my degree in Computer Science and after working a couple of years coding at a mid-sized firm, I find myself getting bored. Would an MBA make me a better candidate for mgmt positions and more responsibilities in my role?

RE: Will an MBA cure my boredom?
6/18/2014 3:04 PM   SearchMBA
Hi Harry,

An MBA deals with the development of leadership and business skills. Within your experience in computer science, an MBA would certainly make you an attractive candidate for management positions at your firm and other firms. Further, an MBA can give you the push you need to start your own company (if that is something that interests you).

The question is, would a role that incorporates more people and project management functions improve your job satisfaction? Rather, moving up in management will likely take away from your coding tasks (though this can vary from company to company).



RE: Will an MBA cure my boredom?
7/3/2014 8:08 AM   mannny
If you're bored, why don't you start your own business? An MBA will give you the skills to do that.

RE: Will an MBA cure my boredom?
7/8/2014 8:39 AM   Alice
You never know until you try. They way I see it, education is an investment one never regrets. Sure, it's quite the financial investment, but what's the harm?

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