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Today’s business environment is more challenging than ever. As a result, startups demand qualified entrepreneurs with exceptional analytical and managerial skills who can guarantee organizational growth and profitability.

Programs in Entrepreneurship prepare candidates to manage investments, raise money and control the operations of their own enterprises - Browse the list of Entrepreneurship programs below and contact admissions officers directly by using the 'request information' function.

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Master in Entrepreneurship
GBSB Global Business School
1 year
From 14,640 EUR
Multiple (3)
The Master in Entrepreneurship focuses on generating new ideas and seeing them come to fruition, creating economic and social value...
MBA - Entrepreneurship
EU Business School
1 year
Multiple (4)
This   one year MBA in Entrepreneurship is internationally accredited and covers key topics in business development, including new product and...
IBAT Weekend MA in Global Entrepreneurship
IBAT College Dublin
From 8,000 EUR
Entrepreneurs are a critical element to sustained growth in our global economy. With the MA in Global Entrepreneurship from IBAT...
Master of Science (M.Sc) Entrepreneurship and Luxury Management
The Master of Science Entrepreneurship and Luxury Management, developed in partnership between Sup de Luxe and EDC Paris Business School...
One Year full-time MBA
Babson College: Olin
1 year
Babson Park, Florida
Intensive Program for those with an Undergraduate Degree in Business Babson is wellknowned for its success in ecouraging entrepreneurship. But...
MSc in Business and Organisation Strategy
University of Hertfordshire
This MSc in Business and Organisation Strategy is a part-time programme, providing critical and applied study of modern management theory....
Columbia Full-time MBA
Columbia Business School
2 years
New York City
Columbia MBA graduates don’t just join the workforce — they influence it, shape it and change it for the better....
DBA: Strategic Management Startup Management
Eurasian Management and Administration School
Multiple (2)
It’s a top-class consulting and education program for those who need to obtain modern management skills with a focus on...
Executive MBA
Columbia Business School
New York City
The Executive MBA (EMBA) Program at Columbia Business School is a 20-month graduate program designed specifically for high-achieving businesspeople that...
Executive MBA: Strategic Management Startup Management
Eurasian Management and Administration School
Multiple (2)
It’s an advanced premium consulting and education program for those who need to obtain modern management skills. It’s aimed at...
MBA: Startup Management
Eurasian Management and Administration School
Multiple (2)
Advanced consulting and education program for those who need to obtain mature modern management skills and who are not satisfied...
Displaying 1-11 of 11 results

Students pursuing a degree in entrepreneurship will learn to identify opportunities and develop comprehensive business plans that bring ideas to life. Numerous case studies are often integrated in the programs allowing students to apply their theoretical knowledge to create business plans for new ventures. To integrate the real world to the highest possible degree, programs in entrepreneurship often integrate case projects and allow students to present their ideas to business leaders.

Key topics covered in entrepreneurship programs

Entrepreneurs must be able to identify business opportunities, perform thorough market research and create a well-planned strategy that will give a firm a competitive advantage.

Courses in the entrepreneurship cover the following management areas: market research, business plan development, strategy execution, finance and leadership. Throughout the program students will concentrate on developing an in-depth understanding of general management and apply their knowledge within the context of new businesses.

Which skills come with a degree in entrepreneurship have?

Throughout a program in entrepreneurship, students will develop a variety of business related skills such as communication, leadership, self-motivation and multi-tasking. These qualities help graduates to successfully plan and execute strategies for new ventures as well as coordinate team work.

Students will also advance their financial skills in finance and law and become more familiar with book-keeping, tax calculation and patent law. This leads to effective budget planning and the increased awareness of intellectual property.

Programs aimed at international entrepreneurs

Many universities develop entrepreneurship programs which are targeted towards students who wish to pursue their future careers in international organizations. These programs focus on aspects of multiculturalism, international business, negotiations and marketing, allowing students to work with new ventures across the world.

Career opportunities with a degree in entrepreneurship

Candidates with a degree in entrepreneurship have a wide range of career opportunities across various industries. Upon completing the programs, students become knowledgeable and confident entrepreneurs, ready to handle new business ventures.

Graduates have the possibility to become a part of global corporations and gain managerial positions in the new-venture divisions. They can also seek jobs within risk-orientated and innovative roles in investment banking or venture capital sectors.

Networking – boosting career chances

Programs in entrepreneurship give students access to a variety of career paths, introducing them to important people in the field of entrepreneurship. During the program, candidates will be able to meet with successful alumni and established professionals who can provide with a valuable advice for startups.

Candidates have the opportunity to interact with others who are planning to start a new venture or who already have their own firm and are seeking out bright, new candidates to help them improve their current business.

Exploring the benefits of entrepreneurship

Programs in entrepreneurship provide students with a framework to advance their managerial and leadership skills towards successfully establishing a new businesses. Apart from gaining a job in a startup, a candidate has a chance to pursue a career in an already established international company and puruse a career in new businesses expansion. Become a business leader – apply for a degree in entrepreneurship!


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