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3/25/2014 4:59 PM   víctor

Dear Sirs,

I would greatly appreciate your professional advice. I have been considering the possibility of studying an MBA. I am by all means a nontraditional candidate.

First, I have no background in business at all. The degree I studied is in the Humanities and I have work experience mostly in education (currently, as a Spanish teacher) I have also taken internships in developing countries as a volunteer. Lastly, I have worked as a freelance journalist.

Those were all great experiences and many of them abroad (I have lived so far in 7 countries and travelled to 34 in total). I'm sure they'd value this for a possible application, but I'm still not confident because it seems too far from the business world.

The second reason I'm unsure is that my GPA is not great (3.22). In spite of all this, I have gained great skills such as public speaking, team working, and I also know foreign languages and I have a strong knowledge on international relations (and the history behind them).

My idea is to make a career change thanks to the MBA. I believe it could get me a ticket to a different world, more challenging and interesting.

My question basically is: would having an amazing GMAT score balance this lack of business experience and low GPA? And would it be hard to find a job afterwards? As I said, I obviously need to balance things somehow.

Many thanks for the help!


RE: Does an amazing GMAT balance lack of business experience in MBA applications?
3/26/2014 8:42 AM   Sarah
Hi Victor, Numbers definitely aren't everything. While a fantastic GMAT score might balance your previous GPA (and definitely can't hurt, right?), it's the recommendations, essay and interview that can really save you. If I were you, I'd spin my essay to present my lack of formal business experience as a positive and highlight my strengths in language ability, multicultural experience, etc. Either way, you should apply. What have you got to lose anyways? Sarah

RE: Does an amazing GMAT balance lack of business experience in MBA applications?
4/3/2014 8:34 AM   Dave

Hi Victor,

A high GMAT score can certainly be a stand-in for poor a GPA in the past - especially if you compensate for your weak spots in your GPA with great GMAT scores in that section.

This is because GMAt scores serves as an indicator of academic competence in a highly demanding environment. You just have to prove, one way or another, that you can handle the intense qualitative and quantitative assignments of an MBA program.


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