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11/8/2013 9:13 AM   Shurey

I would like to know if a graduate of Bachelor of Commerce can study MBA in Aviation? And hows the Market of career in aviation management in Kenya? Thanks in advance.

RE: What background do you need to study an MBA in Aviation?
3/20/2014 11:54 AM   SearchMBA

Hi Shurey,

While a background in aviation can be useful in the application process for an MBA is avaition, it is not necessary. Common admission requirements for such programs are a strong academic background including at least a bachelor-level degree, proficiency in English, relevant working experience and personality qualities such as leadership skills and passion for aviation. Since a large portion of the aviation industry is commerce related, your educational experience should be considered relevant.

As far as the aviation career market in Kenya, there are a couple major airlines functioning in the area (Kenya Airways and Qatar Airways) that you can look into. You may also consider working with international airports or other international airline companies who frequently fly in and out of Kenya and may possibly have an office or base there.

For a bit of an overview and possible programs, you can check out our search page for MBAs in Aviation.

Best of luck!

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