MBA in Aviation Management programs

MBA in Aviation Management

MBA programs in Aviation Management aim to prepare individuals with the necessary information and decision-making skills to handle challenges that arise when working in the business of aviation. Changes in the aviation sector have resulted in the growing need for individuals who are knowledgeable in strategic decisions in the aviation sector. Participating in an Aviation Management MBA program will provide you with all the tools you need to launch a successful career as a manager in the aviation industry. While MBA programs with a specialization in aviation may vary between business schools, the overarching goal of an Aviation MBA is to provide delegates with the necessary knowledge needed to effectively and successfully fulfill a managerial role in the area of aviation. Individuals looking to work in the aviation industry should consider pursuing an MBA in Aviation, as it will surely give them a career advantage. Please observe the list of top Aviation MBA programs located around the world below. Request more information to receive a list of program tailored to your specific needs.
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More about MBA in Aviation Management programs

MBA programs in Aviation ManagementThe aviation industry has always been complex. However, changing regulations coupled with increasing fuel prices and environmental concerns, have all threatened the aviation industry and increased the need for individuals prepared to handle strategic decisions. As such, this increasingly complex environment has also increased the value of an MBA in Aviation Management. Individuals with an MBA in Aviation Management are necessary because of the importance the air transportation industry plays in today’s global society.

MBA graduates with an Aviation specialization offer unique value to companies in the aviation or related sectors. Individuals interested in the airline or aviation industry, or to those already working within these sectors, should consider enrolling in an Aviation MBA program. These programs will develop a participant's strategic thinking and decision-making skills, to successfully hold senior positions in the aviation sector.

Aviation MBA Curriculum

The curriculum for an Aviation MBA aims to develop an advanced understanding of the main concepts that are important for managerial roles in the aviation industry. Aviation MBA programs will concentrate on providing students a broad range of general decision-making skills in the area of advanced business such as finance and marketing, while concentrating on leadership responsibilities and industry specific knowledge within the aviation sector.

Study Plans & Schedules

MBA programs in Aviation can be offered in various study plans to fit a variety of schedules and student needs. Delegates may choose to study in an on campus, full-time program; or an on campus, part-time program, which enables participants the continue working or pursue other endeavors. Additionally, individuals may find that a distance learning or online program is better suited to their needs. Distance learning programs allow individuals to obtain an MBA degree by attending online seminars and courses. Regardless of schedule or personal obligations, there are a variety of options for individuals looking for an Aviation Management MBA program.

Traditional MBA or MBA in Aviation management - Which is right for me?

Traditional MBA programs and an MBA in Aviation Management  are different mainly in how many specialized courses the program offers. A traditional MBA program requires the individual to complete intensive course work in a variety of areas concerning business administration. A specialized MBA in Aviation Management requires that an individual participate in both courses that will develop a general understanding of business administration, as well as courses that focus on aviation management subjects. Theses specialized courses in aviation will enable participants to explore deeper into the specific field of aviation than a traditional MBA would.

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