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5/5/2014 9:10 AM   Ali

What is a better career move - an MBA in General Management or a more specific MBA in something like International Management or Leadership?

RE: MBA in General Management
5/8/2014 8:52 AM   Diandra Silva

Hi Ali,

An MBA in General Management is designed to provide an in-depth, yet broad education in the core elements of business including accounting, finance, marketing and of course, management.Graduates of an MBA in Management will acquire the management and business skills necessary to operate an organisation, somewhat regardless of its industry sector. Because of this broad scope, General Management MBA are among the most popular, especially if you are not dedicated to any particular sector or aspect of business.

If you have already identified you passion in business, and an MBA program in that specialty exists, then it may be a wise choice to persue. While all MBA programs are fashioned to provide the essential business skills, industry and skill-specific programs like International Management or Oil & Gas, provide those same skills within the relevant context. Generally speaking, this tailored experience is an advantage.

Do you have any special interests or specific experience within business and managment?



RE: MBA in General Management
9/18/2014 11:30 AM   John Franklin
Hi Ali,

I would say that generally speaking, a specific MBA would be better for your career, except in the case where you want to start your own business. In those cases, I would recommend a program which integrates your business planning into the curriculum (that is, using your future business as a platform for learning).

Back to the general perspective - if you have an idea of where you are going in your career, you have much more to gain from a specialized MBA that targets your specific industry, rather than a general MBA which provides generalized business skills.

John Franklin

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