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5/25/2012 11:31 AM   Shweta

Hi, Need help regarding the MBA program.

Can't seem to figure out which one is the best and how will it provide any job opportunities for different flieds including retail brands since my background has been in hotels,manufacturing and running buying houses.

Thanks and Best Regards, Shweta Mahajan

RE: MBA Help - which program will provide best job opportunities
6/28/2012 12:00 PM   Nilakashi

Hi Shweta, you can join Darwin School of Business, Guwahati Benefits of pursuing BBA/MBA from Darwin School of Business, Guwahati 1. It offers FREE wi-fi laptops to all its post graduate management students with unlimited access to Internet facility in the campus. 2. It is a ZERO RAGGING CAMPUS. The college has zero tolerance for ragging.Not a single ragging incident took place in the past. 3.Darwin offers on-spot JOB GUARANTEE CARDS to all MBA students at the time of admission with a commitment of Rs 10,000/- per month salary. 4. Darwin is the official partner of the AMERICAN CENTER under the Embassy of U.S.A. All students get free American Library Memberships. 5.Lots of Government Grants and Scholarships are available for students of DARWIN. Scholarships are also available from the Government. 6.Educational loans are available from Nationalised Banks. Minorities and Tribals get upto 50% reimbursement of course fee from Government. 7. It is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization with an internationally validated DUNS registration which makes it Globally worthy 8.Students of DARWIN can get lateral transfer to any other metropolitan city of India without any loss of year. This makes them nation player. 9.DARWIN has been graded A+++ Institute for 3 successive times. Overall doing BBA/MBA in DARWIN is a zero-risk course. 10. DARWIN is the only institute which offers EARN WHILE YOU LEARN Scheme. Here students start earning their pocket money while studying. If a student really wants to study in an institute that would shape up his/her personality and find a good place in the corporate world then Darwin School of Business would be the best place.

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