EMBAs in North America

Executive MBAs are postgraduate business education programs designed for professionals working full-time and with significant years of experience in their respective sectors. North America, the home of economic giants such as United States, Canada and Mexico, is known for its brilliant professional training industry and accredited graduate programs, such as EMBA programs. Find a list of top EMBA programs in North America below. Compare top programs and contact admissions officers directly.
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Executive MBAs in North America

North America, owing to the immense networking and professional development opportunities, can be a dream destination for career-oriented professionals. EMBAs helps professionals in taking the next step in their career, be it attaining a promotion in the current sector or diverging to other economic sectors.

Executive Masters of Business Administration

Executive MBA programs target an audience of full-time working executives and managers who have about 10-15 years of experience in their relevant sectors. An executive MBA program works to provide working professionals with insight into the academic essentials of business education and to meet their professional requirements. It's purpose is to back up candidates' years of professional experience with a solid academic foundation. Some of the key concepts covered in EMBA programs are:

  •         Strategic Management
  •         Global Management Essentials
  •         Business Communication
  •         Macro and Micro Economics
  •         Financial and Managerial Accounting
  •         Corporate Finance
  •         Marketing Management

Professionals can choose from a variety of concentrations offered in EMBA programs, such as marketing, finance, management, accounting and management information systems.

Business Education in North America

EMBAs, some of the most sought after executive postgraduate programs, are offered at top business schools in the United States and Canada. These programs are the epitome of excellence in education and professional development.

Top universities hold the highest accreditation in terms of quality education and top-notch business networking opportunities for graduating professionals. A few universities in United States, called a list of Ivy League universities, are considered the Mecca for business education and prestigious education. Some of the most prestigious universities of the United States, known for their premier business education are Harvard, Yale, Duke, Princeton, Ohio State, Cornell, Michigan and Emory. Canadian universities famous for executive business education include University of Toronto and University of Waterloo.

Program Format

EMBA programs are usually offered in flexible formats for the convenience of working professionals. These are usualyy delivered part-time during the evenings, weekends or in block schedules. Many are even offered online to provide candidates with the flexibility to attend courses and classes at their own time and revisit materials accordingly.

North America: A chance to dive into immense opportunities

Among the countries and regions comprising North America, Mexico, the United States and Canada have the most significant economies. The North American economy is structured into three main sectors, theNorth American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM), and the Central American Common Market (CACM). These are, in fact,some of the largest trade blocs in the world.

North America is also home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world, which are consistently included in the world rankings for their acclaimed postgraduate business education degrees. North America hosts some of the biggest multinational corporations worldwide, including giant corporate firms such as Google Inc., Apple, Microsoft, Big 4 Accounting firms, Hewlett-Packard and investment banking companies such as JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley.


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